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• 2/8/2019

Incompetence = Peace, But With A Price | A Series of Unfortunate Events Short Essay

I watched a video showcasing all the intros of the tv series in a 1-hour loop and picked up on the clues they put throughout. I hadn't really seen the intros firsthand since when you bingewatch, Netflix skips the intros on auto, which is actually disappointing; but now I've formulated this short essay that I think is definitely worth a look for anyone who is a fan of the series or has been obsessed/tormented by it.

I'd also love to know people's thoughts after reading this. And if you say I'm mental or something like that, aren't all of us too obsessive with this show. We all want this grim tale to end, but will it? That's up to us to decide where we go.

Incompetence = Peace, But With A Price | A Series of Unfortunate Events Short Essay
Incompetence = Peace, But With A Price | A Series of Unfortunate Events Short Essay Google Docs
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• 2/1/2019

I need help! (Not mentally)

Does anyone else remember the chapter in the Unauthorized Autobiography titled "Why is this building abandoned?" I need help going through all of the people in the secret discussion. I have identified J, J, L, K, and E as (in this order: Jacques, Jacquelyn (may have spelled that wrong), Lemony, Kit, and Esme. O as Olaf I am unsure about, since he says "I prefer to be called T now." Can anyone help me decipher the other ones?

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• 1/30/2019
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• 1/30/2019

ATWQ Hangfire

In ATWQ, Ellington Feint searches for her father, who ends up to be Hangfire. Do you think, if Nero Feint is related, the he could be working for Hangfire at Prufrock Preparatory School? But then what would be his sinister plot?-comment if you have any ideas. Just a thought...

Is Nero Fient working with/for Hangfire?
  • Yes, that's a good thought
  • No, please don't be stupid
  • Maybe, it could be possible
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• 1/27/2019

Lemony Snicket’s Instagram

Fellow volunteers,

I would like to advertise an Instagram account I made based on my research the Baudelaires, Quagmires, etc. If anyone wants to follow the account, it is named @investigatingthebaudelaires. For now. If any sinister women with hair or men with beards find out about my account I will be forced to change my username. Remember, I am on the run. Let us hope this dispatch does not fall into the wrong hands.

With all due respect,

Lemony Snicket

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• 1/24/2019

Klaus and Isadora

They. Were. In. Love.

And if they meet again, they will still be in love since Fiona already broke his heart. I feel like he never forgot about Izzy, but Fiona kissed him and betrayed the Baudelaires, so his head got all messed up. He had feelings for both, but his feelings for Fiona were more like a passion, but with Izzy it was well developed during the books.

I ship them since I was a child and nothing in the world can change my mind. They were in love.

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• 1/18/2019

Who started the Quagmire fire

I have a theory that Esme Squalor started the Quagmire fire. Esme wears a lot of white and black in the Tv series and she also loves extravagant things and the headdress is over the top. She also owns a spyglass. And will stop a basically nothing to get the sugar bowl. She might of thought that Beatrice gave the sugar bowl to the Quagmires are they were part of VFD and friends.

what do you guys think?

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• 1/15/2019

The Fate Of The Quagmires!?

*Spoilers for the book The Incomplete History of Secret Organizations and the T.V series. If you don't have the book or have watched the entire third season, you might want to... Look away 😋😋*

I have read The Incomplete History of Secret Organizations at least twice. So at this point I am looking through the photographs, trying to find any hidden details. I think I found one. 

If you have your book with you turn to page 189. It's next to the page with the Volunteer Factual Dispatch. On page 189 is the (I think it's called this, I dunno) conspiracy board, the one Lemony uses to track down the Baudelaires. My eyes immediately fall on the photographs of Jacques and Olivia. (silently mourns 😭😭) Continuing to the upper right corner of the page, I see The Man With a Beard But No Hair and The Woman With Hair But No Beard, A picture of Sunny, and The Widdershins family. But in the corner there is a picture I don't recognize. It looks like... three children on a boat? 

The three figures look almost the same and they might be wearing life vests. Behind them looks like ocean. I swear the figure in the middle looks like Avi Lake. ( aka Isadora) What do you think? Could this photograph be a sign of what happened to the Quagmires? Or is this just a random photo? When I saw this photo I started to do a fan girl screech.😆😆

(I included a picture of the photograph. I tried to make it as clear as possible.)

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• 1/13/2019

Why does the sugar bowl matter so much?

Like, it’s just makes you immune to a mushroom which Your unlikely to come across.

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• 1/13/2019

Mr Poe

Lemony Snicket hints in book twelve that Arthur Poe eventually dies from a harpoon gun incident.

Where do you think he dies
  • Hotel Denouement fire
  • Harpoon gun
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• 1/12/2019

season 3

who else loved season 3? But found the ending unclear.

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• 1/11/2019

Olaf's Last Name (Not Official Theory)

You know how mr. poe says olaf is the baudelaires 3rd cousin 4 times removed or there 4th cousin 3 times removed? Well if you look on the snicket family tree, there is a o. Montgomery making me think olaf is a Montgomery and killed his own brother monty and is somewhere related to the baudelaires...

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• 1/11/2019


Could this be Hangfire from ATWQ

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• 1/9/2019

Theories...because I need a place to dump them

ATWQ and ASOUE connections


Who are they?

-TWWHBNB as Ellington Feint could not work out. In ATWQ, Feint is around Lemony's age, and Lemony at the time period of ASOUE (as shown in Netflix's episode The Penultimate Peril: Part One) does not look even close to their age.

-Both of them as Gifford and Ghede would work out. The ages correspond. The only thing that doesn't work out is the art for them in Why Is This Night Different From All Other Nights.

The Bombinating Beast and The Great Unknown

-This is very possible for multiple reasons:

1. The Bombinating Beast and Great Unknown are large, frightening creatures

2. Lemony Snicket had experiences with the Bombinating beast and then it is implied he wrote a book on the Great Unknown

3. The Bombinating Beast is shaped like a question mark, and on the sonar the Great Unknown appears as a question mark.

Tell me your theories, comments, and thoughts below!

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• 1/7/2019

Which was better?

  • ASOUE TV series
  • ASOUE books
  • ASOUE movie
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• 1/6/2019

The Sub Library

Wait so in the Penultimate peril, Dewy said that the sub library would be safe if there was a fire. so does that mean that all VFD files are still safe ( cuze he also said that all VFD files and reserch is in there ) I wounder if the Baudelaires and Lemony realized this.

( this is only TV canon i cant remember what he said about the library in the books )

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• 1/5/2019

Did you think inside the Sugar Bowl was stupid?

  • Yaaaa, such a let down
  • Nahhhh, It had a good meaning........
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• 1/2/2019

Plot hole?

In The Slippery Slope, we see Klaus copying information in a dark green commonplace book. However, the dark green one belonged to Duncan but was destroyed in the Vile Village. Plus, in the books, Klaus' notebook is blue and he "starts" it in the Grim Grotto.

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• 1/1/2019

Season 3 thoughts

What did you think of Season 3, please share your opinions.

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• 1/1/2019

I just finished season 3

I loved it!

Who thought it was good?
  • I did!
  • Not Really.
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