A. is the sibling of B. and Chas. Snicket.


Known Facts

As shown from the Snicket family tree, A. is the (presumably elder, seeing as their name is listed first both on the tree and alphabetically) sibling of B and Chas. Snicket. This would make E. Snicket their niece, and her siblings D. and F. their other niblings. This also makes Jacques, Kit and Lemony their grand-nephews and niece, and Beatrice Baudelaire II their great-grandniece. Their other grand-niblings are labelled G, H, I, M, N and O

All that is said about A. on the key of the family tree is that their whereabouts are unknown.[1]


A. Snicket
B. Snicket
Chas. Snicket
D. SnicketE. Snicket
Jacob SnicketF. Snicket
G. SnicketH. SnicketI. SnicketJacques SnicketKit SnicketLemony SnicketM. SnicketN. SnicketO. Snicket
Beatrice Baudelaire II



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