>A Million Mushrooms is the eleventh track on The Tragic Treasury, performed by The Gothic Archies. It coincides with the book The Grim Grotto.


A million mushrooms fill the field
Where marchers' bodies lately fell
More marchers marching heavy-heeled
Release more spores that march as well

Across the twilit shadow ground
And over long-bewildered farms
Through palaces, where not a sound
Is heard, though there should be alarms

But winter comes and only ice
Is crushed beneath the marching feet
In all the land where once was rice
There now is nothing fit to eat

Except mushrooms which nourish not
The body, nourish not the mind
And often poison, eating rot
The marchers march insane and blind

References in the Song

Cited from Genius Lyrics.[1]

A million mushrooms fill the field

  • The Medusoid Mycelium, introduced in The Grim Grotto, spreads quickly during its waxing phase, and an open terrain like a field would only enable the fungus to grow more rapidly.


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