"A Million Mushrooms" is the eleventh track on The Tragic Treasury, performed by The Gothic Archies. It coincides with the book The Grim Grotto.


A million mushrooms fill the field
Where marchers' bodies lately fell
More marchers marching heavy-heeled
Release more spores that march as well
Across the twilit shadow ground
And over long-bewildered farms
Through palaces, where not a sound
Is heard, though there should be alarms
But winter comes and only ice
Is crushed beneath the marching feet
In all the land where once was rice
There now is nothing fit to eat
Except mushrooms which nourish not
The body, nourish not the mind
And often poison, eating rot
The marchers march insane and blind

References to A Series of Unfortunate Events

  • The song most aptly describes the Medusoid Mycelium, a lethal species of fungi that spreads through the air and can kill within the hour.
  • The song also seems to be telling a story, of "marchers" (of an army, likely) being driven insane by the mushrooms they march through. As "more marchers marching heavy-heeled" continue on, they continue the spread of the spores, continuing the death ahead of them.
    • Likely, this makes a metaphor for the horrors of war- "over long-bewildered farms[...] where once was rice" paints the picture of a devastated countryside, with life destroyed. As the story details death brought by marchers, it is not a far leap to assume it is describing the devastation brought by war.
    • This interpretation could also imply a metaphor for VFD during the events of the series; both sides send their agents, including young children, on possibly fatal missions in an effort to obtain the Sugar Bowl, which does not matter in the long run- their war destroys the lives of the children, much as Count Olaf implied upon reciting This Be The Verse.[1]


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