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Advanced Ocular Science is a book written by Georgina Orwell. It is one of the three books in the Lucky Smells library.


The book cover features the V.F.D. Eye. The book is written about optometry and ocular sciences, and features very boring and dry language, with large, difficult words.


  1. Introduction p.1
  2. Basic Ophthalmology p.105
  3. Nearsightedness and Farsightedness p.279
  4. ​​​​​​Blindness p.311
  5. Itchy Eyelashes p.398
  6. Damaged Pupils p.501
  7. Blinking Problems p.612
  8. Winking Problems p.650
  9. Surgical Practices p.783
  10. Glasses, Monocles, and Contact Lenses p.857
  11. Sunglasses p.926
  12. Hypnosis and Mind Control p.927
  13. Which Eye Color Is the Best One? p.1000

12. Hypnosis and Mind Control

The first sentence of this chapter is "Hypnosis is an efficacious yet precarious methodology and should not be assayed by neophytes."

Other known sentences in this chapter are:

  • "Once a subject has been hypnotized, a simple [?] word will make him or her perform whatever [?] acts any [?] wants [?]ed."
  • "In order to [?] the hypnotic hold on the [?], the same method [?] is used: a [?] word, uttered out loud, will [?] the [?] immediately."[1]