Albert Poe: What does "blanched" mean?
Klaus Baudelaire: It means "boiled."
Albert Poe: Nobody asked you.
—Albert and Klaus, "A Bad Beginning: Part One"

Albert Poe is the son of Arthur and brother of Edgar Poe. In the books, he is the son of Polly Poe and nephew of Eleanora Poe. In the TV series, he is the son of Eleanora who is not Poe's sister in this adaptation. 


Edgar and Albert are described as loud, spoiled and obnoxious boys. When his father announces that the Baudelaires are leaving, after having had to stay with the family for some time, Albert declares he is happy to have their room back, and that Violet and Klaus are "always moping around" and "never any fun." While the Baudelaires pack, Edgar and Albert help their mother clear the table, and Sunny solemnly bites Edgar and Albert's shoes so that they won't forget her.[1] 

Netflix Series Divergent Canon

Edgar and Albert only appear in the first episode, where they argue over dinner about whether their mother prepared a crow or a raven. Albert asks for the definition of the word "blanched," but is dismissive and rude when Klaus answers.

He has several pieces of football merchandise on his side of the bedroom. He high-fives his parents before going to bed.

Lemony Snicket said that one of the brothers followed their father into the banking world, while the other "lives in a cave and talks to sheep," and each thinks the other has it better.[2]




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