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The following article or section concerns information that is considered even less canonical than the chance of a happy ending. Any information following should not be used as a source for the canon of the book series.


"An Unpleasant Incident Involving a Train" is the seventh track on the soundtrack of Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events.


Upon gaining full custody of the Baudelaire orphans, Count Olaf attempts to murder them in hopes of gaining their fortune. He locks them in a car on the train tracks, and they realize that he is planning for them to be run over by a train.

After failing to contact Arthur Poe for help, Klaus Baudelaire uses his knowledge of trains to find a track splitter, and Violet Baudelaire has Sunny bite the head off of a toy elf to tie to a string to make a small cannon. They break it through a window and wrap it around the lever, and barely manage to switch the tracks as the train comes through, barely missing them.

Mr. Poe arrives, and Sunny peers through the window at him; he interprets this to mean that Sunny was driving, and takes the Baudelaires from Olaf's custody to send to Monty Montgomery.


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