Ah, thank you! I'm so grateful! Perhaps while I'm out, you can lure the Androgynous Cobra out of my sock drawer!

The Androgynous Cobra is a species of snake that was kept in Monty Montgomery's Reptile Room.


A specimen of the snake was kept in Monty Montgomery's Reptile Room, and was in shown to the Baudelaire children. A book on its care was located in Montgomery's library.

With the rest of the collection, it was confiscated by the Herpetological Society following Montgomery's death.[1] What happened to it next is unknown.[2]

Netflix Series Divergent Canon

The Androgynous Cobra is briefly mentioned, as Monty Montgomery tells the children they could attempt to lure it from his sock drawer.[3]


  • "Androgynous" is a word which here means "ambigious gender presentation or identity."



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