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Anwhistle Aquatics was a marine research center and rhetorical advice service founded by Gregor Anwhistle.



One of Anwhistle Aquatics's roles was in the Volatile Fungus Deportation program, wherein Gregor Anwhistle cultivated the Medusoid Mycelium in the Gorgonian Grotto and investigated possible use as a weapon against the enemies of V.F.D. The center also trained salmon under the Voluntary Fish Domestication program, until the entire fleet was seized by Café Salmonella.

The Burning of Anwhistle Aquatics

Anwhistlefire tihoso.PNG

According to "Verifying Fernald's Defection," a Daily Punctilio article written by Jacques Snicket, Anwhistle Aquatics was burned down by Fernald. Lemony Snicket discloses to readers that Captain Widdershins also participated in the center's destruction.

It is implied that the sugar bowl found its way to Anwhistle Aquatics, but had been removed by the time the Baudelaires reached the Gorgonian Grotto.

In The End, Ishmael says that the Baudelaires' parents were constructing a tunnel to Anwhistle Aquatics from The Island, but the tunnel had never been completed. Ishmael calls it a relief since the Medusoid Mycelium was in the center and could have spread all over the island, killing everyone who resided there.