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He's not handsome, but he's my best friend in the world and one of the dearest things in my life.

Ashberry is a one-eared dog that appears in File Under: 13 Suspicious Incidents, in the sixth incident, "Silver Spoon."


Early Life

Ashberry was adopted by Randall, and became a guard dog for his group of drifters. As people didn't want to hire Randall to wash windows when Ashberry was around, the dog was left at camp.

File Under: 13 Suspicious Incidents

Silver Spoon/Twenty-Five Guests

While guarding the camp, Ashberry is alerted to Smogface Wiley entering the camp to steal Randall's spoon. Ashberry barks "like crazy" until the drifters return and discover the theft. 

When Lemony Snicket investigates the theft, Smogface's reference to Ashberry is what tips him off that the man was the thief, as he wouldn't have known about the dog's physical appearance unless he'd been in the camp.

Physical Appearance

When Snicket sees the drifters' camp, he sees Ashberry laying by the fire, and describes him as a dog "with one eye open and one ear missing." Randall admits that Ashberry is "not handsome."


  • He is presumably named after John Ashbery, an American poet and art critic.