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What a fool I've been. I should have known better than to circumvent bureaucracy for a handsome stranger.

Babs was the Head of Human Resources at Heimlich Hospital during the events of The Hostile Hospital. In the TV series, she also served as the Head of Party Planning.


She was never seen at all and only used the hospital's intercom system to communicate with those inside, due to her belief that "adults should be heard and not seen." Conversely, she believes that children should be seen and not heard, as she informs the Baudelaire children when they first arrived at her office. She follows the proverb too literally to the point of absurdity and impracticality.

Like Captain Sam, Foreman Firstein, and Ms. Tench, it is heavily implied she was later murdered by Count Olaf, or at the least, injured. Count Olaf, as the new Head of Human Resources "Mattathias", claims Babs has resigned from Heimlich Hospital because she decided to pursue a career as a stuntwoman, and has begun throwing herself off buildings immediately. This is an ominous implication that Olaf pushed her out a window at an incredibly enormous height and her fate remains ambiguous. 

In Lemony Snicket: The Unauthorized Autobiography, Babs writes a letter to Hal instructing him to file a collection of papers in the Baudelaire file. The papers in question are rejected opening lines to The Bad Beginning.

TV series

In the TV series, Babs has a visual presence. The whole aspect about her not wanting to see children is not mentioned, as the Baudelaires sneak past her. Unlike the books, it is also mentioned she is the Head of Hospital Administration and Party Planning.

She is held hostage by Count Olaf so he can take control of the hospital and use the intercom system as Mattathias Medicalschool.

Violet Baudelaire rescues her after she temporarily manages to free herself from her restraints. Babs mentions she always hates hospitals and they are the scariest places on Earth. She wanted to work for the post office, but everyone told her it was an unrealistic pipe dream so she gave up on it. When Violet asks her on what the fastest route to the exit is, Babs replies there is no fast way as it requires the authorization of papers. When Violet asks if there is a way out that does not involve paperwork, Babs replies she can die or simply take the nearby exit. Babs has a habit of nervously laughing when she is very frightened, causing her and Violet to be once again captured by Olaf.

Her survival is explicit, as she is seen outside the burning building, although it is unknown how she managed to escape. She crosses paths with Arthur Poe.

She later appears at Hotel Denouement in a sauna with Jerome Squalor. She heavily implies she is lesbian/bisexual and is in a relationship with Mrs. Bass, she might be bisexual due to her having a crush on Mattathias Medicalschool. During the trial, Babs seems moved by the speech of the Baudelaires and comments, "They're so organized!" Olaf calls out Babs for valuing paperwork more than the lives of people. It is unclear if she survived the fire. She is last seen with Jerome.

Behind the scenes

She is portrayed by Kerri Kenney in the TV series.



  • "If you're children, then be silent! In my opinion, children should be seen and not heard. I'm an adult, so it follows that I should be heard and not seen." (Motto in the books)

TV Series

  • Bearded Man: "Thanks, sister."
    Babs: "My name is Babs."
  • "What a fool I've been. I should have known better than to circumvent bureaucracy for a handsome stranger."


  • Her behavior is an allusion to the singer Barbra Streisand (whose nickname is Babs), who sang on the radio. As a result, few persons knew her face, but her voice became quite famous.