You're a pretty one. If I were you I would try not to anger Count Olaf, or he might wreck that pretty little face of yours.
— The Bald Man to Violet Baudelaire

The Bald Man with the Long Nose is one of Count Olaf's associates.


The Bald Man with the Long Nose is first introduced in The Bad Beginning, as a member of Count Olaf's acting troupe. He is one of the people to whom the Baudelaire children serve dinner.

He reappears in The Miserable Mill, disguised as Foreman Flacutono, and he trips Klaus Baudelaire so that his glasses break and he has to see an eye doctor.

Later, in The Hostile Hospital, he is in charge of the operation of the world's first cranioectomy on Violet Baudelaire. Luckily, Klaus stalls until Violet wakes up and the surgery is called off.

In The Carnivorous Carnival he is accidentally pushed into the pit of lions during the crowd chaos and is eaten. Olivia Caliban shares the same fate.


He appears "as bald as an egg and as devious an Egyptian King."


The Bald Man with the Long Nose appears in the Brad Silberling 2004 film adaptation Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events, portrayed by Luis Guzman. He first appears in The Bad Beginning segment of the film as those of Count Olaf's acting troupe enter and are introduced to the Baudelaire children. Later in the segment, he pays witness to Count Olaf striking Klaus across the face with his hand. He doesn't appear again until the end of the film, where he is seen controlling the hydraulics devices used in The Marvelous Marriage.

Video game

The Bald Man with the Long Nose appears as a recurring boss character in the video game, based on the 2004 Brad Silberling film, voiced by S. Scott Bullock. He first appears in the kitchen of Count Olaf's house, devouring meatballs from a bowl with a fork perfect for Violet's recently thought-up invention. Klaus asks the Bald Man politely if he could borrow the fork, but is declined. A boss battle begins, where the Bald Man flings the meatballs at the children using the fork, and Klaus is given the task of using the Brilliant Bopper to defeat the Bald Man and obtain the fork. The Bald Man then utters, "Stick a fork in me."

He appears later in Uncle Monty's garden courtyard area, disguised as Snake Soothsayer. He sinisterly offers to play a song for Violet and Klaus, which hypnotizes the snakes in Violet's Reptile Retriever, causing them to escape. A boss battle begins where Klaus, armed with the Brilliant Bopper, must attack The Bald Man in each of his four spots while avoiding the poison spitting frogs. Once the four spot part of the battle is finished, the player is then automatically switched to Violet to retrieve the snakes while avoiding the Bald Man's flute sonic blast. The process must be repeated until the fight ends.

The Bald Man then appears at Damocles Dock as the first boss, posing as a musical shop occupant who attacks Violet and Klaus with an anchor.

His final appearance occurs in the Marvelous Marriage battle sequence, where Klaus, armed with the eye, must attempt to burn the villain who holds the marriage certificate. The Bald Man appears among the potential holders of the certificate.

TV series

The Bald Man appears in the TV series played by John DeSantis. This version doesn't have a long nose and is larger that the other members of Count Olaf's troupe. In addition, his Foreman Flacutono alias is instead used by the Hook-Handed Man. Unlike the book The Carnivorous Carnival, the Bald Man is not killed when Count Olaf throws Madame Lulu to the Volunteer Feline Detectives. He joins the rest of Count Olaf's troupe in heading to the Mortmain Mountains to seek out the V.F.D. Headquarters.





TV series

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