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— Barney to the Volunteers Fighting Disease

Barney N. Dolfners[1] is a patient at Heimlich Hospital. She is seen by Klaus and Sunny Baudelaire as they hide among the Volunteers Fighting Disease in order to search every room of the hospital.


She was taken to Heimlich Hospital sometime before the Baudelaire orphans arrive there while fleeing from the authorities. There, she was kept in bed bound by many casts, severely restricting her movement. When the Volunteers Fighting Disease arrived at her room, she asks them for a glass of water because she seems to be dehydrated coupled with the obvious fact she couldn't do it herself. As usual, the volunteers ignore her request and gleefully carry on singing.

After the fire broke out at the hospital, she can briefly be seen in the background being carried away by doctors.

Behind the scenes





  1. Her name can be seen on the patient list held by the Volunteers Fighting Disease.