Barry Sonnenfeld is an executive producer of both the film and TV series adaptations of A Series of Unfortunate Events.

In the TV series, he also directed several of the episodes and portrays Ike Anwhistle, as well as the voice of "Mr. Tamerlane" in The Austere Academy: Part One. In The Hostile Hospital: Part Two, a woman is named after him with the anagram Barney N. Dolfners.


In each book adaptation (except TMM apparently), he has a cameo in some art such as a painting or a statue.[1]

  • TBB: A painting in Justice Strauss' library.
  • TRR: A painting on Monty's wall.
  • TWW: Ike Anwhistle in Josephine Anwhistle's library.
  • TAA: Sir Barrymore Feint in Nero's office.
  • TEE: A painting in the Squalor's formal, semi-formal and informal dining rooms. He is wearing different clothes in all of them.
  • TVV: In the village's fire department.
  • THH: On a cranioectomy poster.
  • TCC: On art on a tent.
  • TSS: On art on another tent at the top of Mount Fraught.
  • TGG: Captain Widdershins painting, as well as on the wasabi label.
  • TPP: A bust on one of the floors, as well as in a painting in the Indian restaurant.
  • TE: In a painting above the juke box in the soda shop.


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