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The Baudelaire Family is a family that is central in A Series of Unfortunate Events and associated with VFD.


The Baudelaire family is widely known to have fast-acting peppermint allergies.[1] The fact that Beatrice had these allergies,[2] as well as the fact all of Lemony Snicket's letters to Beatrice are addressed "BB", presumably means that Beatrice was born into the Baudelaire family, and Bertrand took her surname when they married.

It is a family tradition to name their children after the deceased.[3]

Both Beatrice and Bertrand were known to be Volunteers of VFD; however, their children were isolated from knowledge of the organization, and only Violet has the barest memories of associated phrases.[4] The Baudelaires were also angry and scared when Klaus reached some of their secret books, presumably ones linking to the organization.[5] This implies that Beatrice and Bertrand left and did not want their children to get involved in the organization, presumably in the hope that they could live normal lives. It is unknown whether or not the Baudelaire orphans still consider themselves volunteers following the events of The Penultimate Peril, though it seems that Beatrice Baudelaire II may have managed to take VFD classes when she got older.[2]

Family Tree

Unknown if adoptive or biological
Unnamed Guardians
Biological Parents
Unnamed Mother
Monty Montgomery
Monty Montgomery's Sister
Bertrand's Cousin
Bertrand Baudelaire
Beatrice Baudelaire
Gregor Anwhistle
Ike Anwhistle
Josephine Anwhistle
Violet Baudelaire
Klaus Baudelaire
Sunny Baudelaire
Beatrice Baudelaire II

On Beatrice's side of the family, her first cousins once removed were Gregor and Ike Anwhistle; Ike was married to Josephine Anwhistle.[1] Beatrice was engaged to Lemony Snicket, but broke up with him for unknown reasons and married Bertrand instead.

Bertrand is known to have been adopted.[3] While unknown whether through his adoptive or biological family, his cousin married the sister of Monty Montgomery.[6]

Count Olaf is either a fourth cousin three times removed or a third cousin four times removed of the Baudelaire children; it is unknown which parent he was related to.[7]

Violet, Klaus and Sunny Baudelaire adopted the daughter of Kit Snicket, whom they named after their mother.


Both Bertrand's biological and adoptive families are currently unknown. A common fan theory is that he was adopted by S. Theodora Markson, his chaperone,[8] though this is not confirmed.

It is speculated that Gregor and Ike Anwhistle are the G and the I on the Snicket Clan family tree, meaning that their mother, who is known to have one eyebrow and one ear,[1] is probably D. Snicket, which would distantly connect Beatrice to the Snickets.[9] How distantly the connection is depends on if the Anwhistles' father or mother is her cousin.


  • The surname "Baudelaire" is taken from Charles Baudelaire, a French poet and author who composed notable works such as Les Fleurs du mal.
    • The word "baudelaire", itself, is of French origin, and is the name of a short cutting sword or dagger with a broad, slightly curving blade.[10]
  • Daniel Handler has confirmed in an interview that the Baudelaire Family are Jewish; whether they are ethnically and/or religiously Jewish is not stated.[11]






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