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The Baudelaire family lived in an enormous mansion at the heart of a dirty and busy city, and one day the parents rather unexpectedly asked their children to take a rickety trolley alone to the seashore.

The Baudelaire Mansion was the original home of the Baudelaire Family. It was mysteriously burned to the ground at the onset of The Bad Beginning, leaving the Baudelaire children with no physical possessions, except for a strange spyglass in both the movie adapation and TV series adaptation.


The mansion was built by special emerald green lumber, provided by Lucky Smells Lumbermill.[1]

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The Baudelaire home was an expensive property most noted for its large private library that held "books on every subject". In the library, there was once a group of books that Bertrand and Beatrice Baudelaire kept on the top shelf that included an atlas, romance books, and war books. When Klaus, at a young age, managed to get the atlas from the top, but was ruined when he and Violet left the window opened and rain came in. Their mother said the atlas was "irreplaceable." It is heavily implied that these books were related to VFD.[2]

Several dinner parties were hosted in the mansion, in the dining room, with a wooden table that was described as handy for unrolling maps, completing jigsaw puzzles and tracing photographs, though it was necessary to use a coaster underneath a drink so as not to leave a ring on the wood.[3]

Violet also may have had her own inventing studio somewhere in the mansion.

The home contained a grand piano and a windowseat where Beatrice Baudelaire liked to read.[3]

The property contained a secret passageway leading to the penthouse apartment of Jerome and Esmé Squalor667 Dark Avenue. The purpose of this passageway was to direct members of V.F.D. to a safe place before the schism. This passage is the reason why Jacques Snicket had urged Jerome Squalor to buy the penthouse at 667 Dark Avenue.[4]

The mansion was destroyed in the Baudelaire Fire.[3]



A Series of Unfortunate Events Netflix Kitchen Baudelaire's Flaming Mansion Netflix

The mansion burning.

  • In The End, Ishmael mentions that Captain Widdershins searched the wreckage of the Baudelaire Mansion and discovered the Duchess of Winnipeg's ring, only to lose it later in a storm at sea.
  • The creators of the Netflix adaptation once made a mini-version of the mansion and set it on fire.
  • In the film, the Baudelaire Mansion is situated at 28 Prospero Place, Boston, Massachusetts.
    • There is a street in Herriman, Utah named "Prospero Lane", with a cul de sac branching from it named "Prospero Court"
    • The street name "Prospero" is likely a reference to the V.F.D. ship of the same name.





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