Hiya! We certainly are!
— The man to the Baudelaires who wonder if his group is V.F.D.

The Bearded man is the leader of the Volunteers Fighting Disease. He is overly cheerful and is never seen without his guitar.


The Hostile Hospital

He and his group pick up the Baudelaires who need a quick escape route outside the Last Chance General Store from Count Olaf. He informs them that the Library of Records of Heimlich Hospital has answers to all their questions.

It is unclear whether he survived the Heimlich Hospital fire set by Olaf and his henchmen.

Behind the scenes

In the TV series he is played by Joe Bobek and has an extended role larger than his in the books.

In the series he, unlike in the books, accompanies the Henchperson of Indeterminate Gender to the store room where the Baudelaires are hiding and attempts to break in. He is the only volunteer who is not seen outside afterwards, so it is unclear whether he escapes in time.



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