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Her father's ant-burning cousin sounded like a dreadful person, but if she had suddenly appeared on the sailboat Violet would have given her a big grateful hug.

Bertrand Baudelaire's Cousin (unknown if adoptive or biological or if Baudelaire by surname) is a minor, mentioned character in early books of A Series of Unfortunate Events.


Bertrand Baudelaire once told his daughter, Violet, a story about a dreadful cousin he'd had who enjoyed burning ants for fun. She did this by using her magnifying glass to focus the light coming from the sun and then direct it toward the ant. It is noted that this hobby was "abhorrent," a word which here means, "inspiring disgust or loathing." It did, however, manage to impart upon the Baudelaire children the idea of the scientific principles of the convergence and refraction of light. Particularly, if such knowledge was needed to create a signal.

It is noted that Violet thought that her father's ant-burning cousin must have been a "dreadful person," but when Violet remembers the scientific principles of the convergence and refraction of light while in jeopardy, she thinks that if that cousin suddenly appeared before she would have given her a "big, grateful hug".[1]

Interestingly, it is also said that the Baudelaire children are related to Monty Montgomery as his sister married a cousin of Bertrand's.[2] If this is the same cousin, it would mean that she and Monty's sister were married; if it is a different cousin, that could mean that Monty's sister could be her sister-in-law, depending on if the cousin Monty's sister married was a sibling of hers or not.

It is also unknown whether she is Bertrand's biological or adoptive cousin, as he is known to have been orphaned and adopted as an infant.[3][4]


It is possible that she is deceased, as the Baudelaire children were never sent to her after the death of their parents; however, it is also known that some relatives of the children passed on guardianship due to fears of Count Olaf,[5] so she may still be alive and have decided not to foster her first cousins once removed.

As Bertrand was noted to be part of V.F.D. since he was a young child,[6] she may have also been part of the organization; though, as she was noted to burn ants with a magnifying glass,[1] she may have joined the firestarting side of the schism, possibly giving another reason for Bertrand and Beatrice not to consider her among their list of guardians for their children.


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