Black Cat Coffee is a coffee shop located in Stain'd-by-the-Sea. Ellington Feint is known to frequent there for the coffee and to use its attic to hide things.


The shop is located at the corner of Caravan and Parfait in Stain'd-by-the-Sea. It is the only business on the block not boarded up. There is a sign out front that has a stenciled cat instead of a title or logo.

Inside the shop, there is a long, narrow room with an enormous counter in the center, behind which is shiny machinery that can make bread or coffee upon command. A player piano plays lonely tunes- the same tune that Ellington plays for Lemony Snicket- in the corner.[1] Behind the counter are several stacked cups and saucers on shelves, and a metal trash can.[2]

At the counter are three brass buttons, labelled A, B and C. C prompts the machinery to make coffee, B prompts it to make bread, and A opens up a stairwell that leads to the attic.[1] There is also a second button that opens and closes the stairwell inside the attic; however, it is difficult to find.[2]

The attic is a large room, holding a few cupboards (some large enough to hide in[3]), several shelves with bags of coffee on them, and a long table on which mail is placed.[1] The cupboards in the attic are later used by Lemony Snicket, Pip Bellerophon and Squeak Bellerophon to hide some of Ellington's items,[4] as well as library books.[5] It is implied that the coffee shop may have been used by the Inhumane Society to pick up packages, as packages addressed to Dr. Flammarion[1] and Armstrong Feint[3] are found there.

The café is frequented by Ellington Feint, due to her love of coffee, and Lemony Snicket, while he is trying to find Ellington Feint. Other known customers are Dashiell Qwerty[4] and Drumstick and possibly Mack.[2] Cleo Knight visited, though she attempted to have the machine make her tea instead of coffee.[3]




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