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    '''''}} ]]}} On Friday the 13th, a series of unfortunate events began
    with a horrible fire that destroyed the Baudelaire Mansion.

    Neither the official fire department nor the volunteer fire department arrived in time
    to keep the home of Mr. and Mrs. Bertrand Baudelaire from burning to ashes.

    The Baudelaire family was well-respected in the community. The Mayor calls it a
    "tragedy" that they're gone.

    The couple had three children, Veronica, Klyde and baby Susie. They have nothing
    but good times ahead, I assure you, as their parents left behind an enormous fortune.

    Since their parents are dead and they're orphans now, the Baudelaires will taken in by
    the well-respected banker Arthur Poe, my dear husband (not brother, no no, dear me),
    who is so gen…

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  • Rocket Engineer

    The Daily Punctilio

    January 12, 2017 by Rocket Engineer

    As a miserable new year starts, news of the most dreadful kind has reached the Punctilio's researchers, the sort which rings several alarms. "A Series of Unfortunate Events" will be released. This ends a long wait, despite the rampant foolishness of watching such endless misery. Netflix is releasing it on Friday the 13th, and it will start off with 8 episodes. The Punctilio team recommends taking a long walk or listening to ringing church bells instead of watching such potent misery.  

    ~Rocket Engineer, substitute editor of The Daily Punctilio 

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  • Rocket Engineer

    This month is very special, as on the 29th of September, the fourth and final book of "All the Wrong Questions" is being released! "Why is This Night Different From All Other Nights" can be bought at any bookstore/website that decides to stock it, so the Daily Punctilio recommends finding one that will do so. 

    This is a one time edition meant to get out the urgent news, so please do not expect more.

    ~Rocket Engineer, temporary editor of the Daily Punctilio

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  • TheDailyPunctilio

    Lemony Snicket has been working with illustrator Jon Klassen on a new picture book, entitled "The Dark" and set to release April 2. The book is said to be about a young boy named Lazlo who is afraid of The Dark, which lives in his basement. An official trailer follows:

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  • TheDailyPunctilio

    Just in time for both Daniel Handler's and Lemony Snicket's birthdays, the title and release date of the second installment of Snicket's new series All the Wrong Questions has been announced. When Did You See Her Last? will hit stores 15 October 2013, and the title SHOULD NOT be repeated aloud.

    A letter to Volunteers from Snicket himself is as follows:

    Dear Alleged Associate,
    Please immediately listen to THIS which contains a top secret recorded conversation between Daniel Handler and myself, and see the attachment below, which depicts an undisclosed book cover.
    The more people who are made aware of this classified information the better chance we have of keeping our secret.
    With all due respect,
    Lemony Snicket

    To sign up for information from the ill…

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  • TheDailyPunctilio

    Warning: On Wednesday, January 16, 2013 at 7pm EST, there will be a live chat with Lemony Snicket at this address. He will be answering questions and talking about his newest novel, Who Could That Be at This Hour?, so we would of course suggest that you run away before you learn something that might endanger you.

    EDIT: A full transcript of the chat follows:

    Preeti: Hi everyone! Thanks for joining us tonight. Lemony Snicket will be on in just a few minutes. Before we get started, we just want to say how excited we are by how many of you are here, and since we’ve only got him for 45 minutes, we are going to get to as many questions as we can!
    Lemony Snicket: Hello, strangers.
    Lemony Snicket: I am delighted to be speaking with you from this remot…

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  • TheDailyPunctilio

    An official trailer for Who Could That Be At This Hour? has been released, but, of course, you should avoid it at all costs. Watch below:

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  • TheDailyPunctilio

    The new, official Snicket website,, is now open, and it has information regarding All the Wrong Questions. Of course you should run away immediately, but if you find it absolutely necessary, click above to go on.

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  • TheDailyPunctilio

    Daniel Handler and Maira Kalman have received the American Library Association's Printz Award for their collaborative work Why We Broke Up. The full article, partially transcribed below, can be found here.

    Several award winners turned to song to accept their honors at this year’s American Library Association conference.
    On Monday evening, Handler and Kalman received a standing ovation at the Michael Printz Awards ceremony. The Printz Award is given annually to the best-written book for teens; several honor — or runner-up — books also are usually chosen.
    In accepting their Printz Honor for “Why We Broke Up,” Handler and Kalman performed a deadpan ditty underlining the importance of librarians “from cradle to grave.” Handler, also known for wri…

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  • TheDailyPunctilio

    WARNING: A Dire Day for THE BAD BEGINNING Looms Near!

    We've ignored Lemony Snicket's cautious advice and are implementing our misguided plan to drop five thousand copies of THE BAD BEGINNING, blanketing this unlucky country with the first book in the saddest series about even sadder orphans.

    On Friday, July 13th, books will rain from the sky, and unless you have an abnormally sturdy umbrella, you should scream and run away . . . at once!

    If you fail to heed this unambiguous warning, then you are clearly a person who enjoys watching vile videos and engaging in disturbing diversions. In that case, you should proceed immediately to

    If you're smart, then you will prepare for the dire day ahead by distancing yourself from …

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