• Amber eats a mop

    Violet x Quigley

    Klaus x Isadora

    Beatrice baudelaire (The first) x Lemony Snicket

    Kit snicket x Dewy degremont

    Count olaf x Himself

    Fiona x her submarine

    Ismael x Peer pressure

    Esme x fashion

    Caremelita x herself

    Violet x her hair tie

    Klaus x books

    Bertrand Baudelaire x not being mentioned that often

    Esme x the sugar bowl

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  • ShadowEyepatch

    Is there any possible way to get an official version of the soundtrack from the Netflix series?

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  • SeaisMyhome

    What is your favourite Count Olaf's disguise?

    Mine (in order from favourite to least favourite) are:

    • Detective Dupin
    • Coach Genghis
    • Jacques Snicket (Count Olaf’s disguise)
    • Dad
    • Ringleader
    • Kit Snicket (Count Olaf's Disguise)
    • Captain Sham
    • Shirley
    • Gunther
    • Mattathias Medicalschool
    • Stephano
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  • Snicket VFD

    Lemony Snicket

    January 17, 2019 by Snicket VFD

    - - - - -Lemony Snicket is a man with two siblings and many associates. Snicket works for a secret organization, which some know that it is VFD. Snicket is a notorious villain, and is really just innocent- - - - - to some. Snicket is on the run for many reasons. Thank you for your attention to this short message

    I hope if you are reading this, you read it carefully.


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  • Jonathan Denouement

    Every day I wake up and I feel like I am missing something. Then I know that I need closure. 

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  • Jonathan Denouement

    Dewey Denouement is the sub-sub-librarian and Manager of Hotel Denouement together with his twin brothers Frank and Ernest. Not many people know of his existence because his work is secret, though because all three look like each other, Dewey can sometimes roam around the Hotel. 

    Dewey and Kit Snicket are confirmed to be in a relationship and also expecting a child (Beatrice Snicket) Dewey sadly dies in The Penultimate Peril, by a harpoon to the chest, when Klaus and Violet dropped the harpoon gun. His last words are "Kit" before he falls into the pond concealing V.F.D biggest library.

    Dewey was only 4 years old when The Schism began. On the triplets fifth birthday they were recruited by the V.F.D and taken to the mountain headquarters where th…

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  • Jasla z poe

    Look away, look away
    Look away, look away
    This show will wreck your evening , your whole life, and your day
    Every single episode is nothing but dismay
    So, look away
    Look away, look away

    Three children lose their home and go to live with someone awful,
    He tries to steal their fortune with a plot that's not quite lawful,
    It's hard to fathom how the orphans manage to live through it,
    Or how a decent person, like yourself, would even want to view it.

    The Baudelaires are living with a man who studies snakes,
    He's jolly and he's secretive and makes a few mistakes,
    Spoiler alert! A villain comes to steal and murder,
    And so if I were you, I wouldn't even watch one minute further.

    The Baudelaires' new guardian is wracked by fear and panic,
    They end up on a boat t…

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  • Jasla z poe

    Aberrant: the word "aberrant" here means "very, very wrong and causing much grief".
    Adroit: the word "adroit" here means skillful
    Blanched: the word "blanched" here means boiled
    Break a leg: "That's a theater term," Mr. Poe explained, "meaning 'good luck on tonight's performance.'
    Briskly: the word "briskly" here means "quickly, so as to get the Baudelaire children to leave the house
    Casing the joint: to observe a particular location in order to formulate a plan.
    Duration: the whole thing
    Faking: a word which here means "feigning" --- kindness
    Fallen by the wayside: an expression which here means "they stopped calling, writing, and stopping by to see if any of the Baudelaires, making them very lonely"
    Figuratively: feels like it's happening

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  • Tmmeye

    VFD Craft - Eye Tattoo

    December 22, 2018 by Tmmeye

    Hiya! Today I’m going to show how to make a VFD Eye Tattoo.

    You’ll Need:

    • Sharpie Marker
    • Hairspray

    1. - Draw the eye tattoo on any ankle, or wherever you want it.

    2. Spray hairspray on it, but not too much. If you spray too much, use a cotton ball to remove the excess

    3. Enjoy! The tattoo should last up to a month, it’s a bit difficult to clean though.

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  • GhostsLoveDonuts

    Season 3

    November 18, 2018 by GhostsLoveDonuts

    I really can't wait for Season 3 of ASOUE. It will be nice to finally have some nice photos of people on the Wikis instead of those...Odd Russian drawings

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  • GhostsLoveDonuts

    A Hidden Message

    November 18, 2018 by GhostsLoveDonuts

    I think today was a Very Fun Day. I met a Volunteer Feline Detective! He bumped into me as I was walking out of my Very Fancy Door. I was going to the store to buy some salmon because of my Very Fishy Diet. After I met the detective, I started having some Very Fuzzy Dreams.

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  • GhostsLoveDonuts

    The Great Unknown

    November 18, 2018 by GhostsLoveDonuts

    I'm still wondering what happened to the Quagmires and the others. I know that there's a theory that The Great Unknown is the Bombinating Beast, But still. Count Olaf said that it has some sort of radar. That really got me thinking. What if The Great Unknown was some sort of VFD submarine? Maybe he just didn't want to be spotted because he might be caught? \_(o_o)_/ Just a thought.

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  • EpicGMN

    To Beatrice: Creator

    October 7, 2018 by EpicGMN

    To Beatrice: This computer isn't old, its new. Therefore, you are wrong.

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  • IFanon

    Oh, we're really in for it now.

    We're not sure how long it's been, or where we are, or even what day it is, but I'm pretty sure the world was never this... dark, for lack of a better term.

    "Ulnu!" I heard Sunny say when we woke. "I don't know where we are, Sunny, but it certainly doesn't look like anywhere we've ever known." I reply back.

    Klaus doesn't even know what to say to either of us, he's just silent. 


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  • TANAZ2007

    ________________________________________________________________________________________________ The Volunteer Fire Department ________________________________________________________________________________________________ Dear Duchess,

    At last! I finally managed to communicate with my brother and sister! K., who you were close with, was staying with my brother J., and he wrote a letter to me. He says that it is as if one of us is on the ground, and the other one is in the Self-Sustaining Hot Air Mobile Home H. is always talking about building. I truly agree with him on that.

    I wish that times weren't dangerous nowadays. O. is probably the cause of all this. Each day his treachery covers the land, and some volunteers just sit and twiddle…

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  • Suoidarg

    How do blogs work?

    July 4, 2018 by Suoidarg

    Can someone please teach me how blogs work?

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  • -VioletEllaphant-

    I love SoUE

    I am -VioletEllaphant- , so it would be appropiate to call me Violet or Ella. I am on book 7 rn (I finished 6 today 6/30/18) and I am thrilled to be here! It's most unfortunate that I did not come here sooner.

    I found out about this series in fourth grade, and I love it!

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  • TANAZ2007


    The Volunteer Fire Department


    Dear R. Winnepeg,

    I am really, really sorry about your loss. Your mother the Duchess was a very noble and powerful woman. Not only does your mother die, which is enough loss to begin with, but then you have to stop your classes and become the new Duchess. That means J. will be transferred to the Financial times, and G., that foolish girl, will be the new reporter, and I will become the Dramatic Critic. The times will be difficult for us in the monthes ahead.
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  • TANAZ2007


    The Volunteer Fire Department


    Dear R. Winnepeg,

    You remember that boy I talked about? Well, today I caught him sneaking behind the bleachers to smoke. Meanwhile, in business letter writing class, I couldn't concentrate on what I was writing to the owner of the lucky smells lumbermill, whose name I couldn't pronounce, because I was busy listening to the Theatrics Class, where that boy Olaf and the girl whose name started with a B attended. I wonder what Olaf ment when he said, "You and I are going to have a long history to…
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  • TANAZ2007



    Dear R. Winnepeg,

    Today, I met a boy named Olaf at Prufrock preparatory school. He had very bad hygiene and there were spots on his hair - was that lice? "Hello, Hello, Hello. You must be"- He looks at writing on his hand-"Le-MOH-nee Sni-KEET? Is that how it is pronounced?" I said, "My name is pronounced Lemony Snicket, thank you." He said, "Well, it seems like you and I will have a long history together," in a snarly voice, as a crow landed on his shoulder. He turned away on his heal and went to this girl with a B on here pin. I now wish S. Theadora Mar…

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  • NegaCatgirl10


    June 13, 2018 by NegaCatgirl10

    Hello, I am Catgirl 10 , and I quit the Disney Junior Random Episodes wiki.

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  • JCSH24

    Continuing ASOUE

    June 2, 2018 by JCSH24

    I think Lemony Snicket should write more books about the Baudelaires as adults, being in VFD, perhaps finding TThe Quagmires and Hector’s and bringing up Beatrice. What do you think???

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  • Cackles21

    ASOUE Funko Pops

    May 29, 2018 by Cackles21

    I really think they should start making Lemony Snicket Funko Pops. They should release each batch as one of the Books, starting with Bad Beginning Part 1 and 2. Anyone agree? Check out this video I've made on the subject.

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  • Cackles21

    I really hope Daniel Handler does another series of Lemony Snicket Books. It would be good if each book was about one of the members of Count Olaf's Theatre Troupe, and their time as part of the Fire-Starting Side of VFD. Anyone agree with me?

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  • Cackles21

    I'm wondering what houses all the characters would be sorted into. Here's my opinions:

    Violet = Gryffindor

    Klaus = Ravenclaw

    Sunny = Hufflepuff

    Count Olaf = Slytherin

    Mr Poe = Hufflepuff

    Lemony Snicket = Unknown

    Justice Strauss = Hufflepuff

    Fernald = Ravenclaw

    Bald Man with the Long Nose = Slytherin

    Uncle Monty = Gryffindor (despite the snakes)

    Aunt Josephine = Ravenclaw

    Anyone have other ideas?

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  • Cackles21

    I have a theory that Larry the Waiter takes the sugar bowl to the valley of four drafts. he's the one who throws it into the stream, and he manages to escape the fire. Anyone have different ideas?

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  • Cackles21

    Hi, I'd just like to know if any of you know anything about the Man with a beard but no hair and the Woman with hair but no beard's origins. Are they mentioned at all in All the Wrong Questions? Do you have any theories? 

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  • Jasla z poe

    if you were here to see a formally written post on somebody's wall, you will be sorely dissapointed. in fact, i have only typed these few paragraphs in order to get the dear beatrice badge. soon, i will be commenting multiple times on other posts to get the 13 words badges. you see, im a collector of pointless objects. the reason i have stuck around this long on typing this completely pointless post is to get something that won't ever benefit me. and so, i bid you adieu with these last sentences of another language.

    Zarmanum yem, t’e inch’pisi spung bob kliner, vor parzapes lts’vats lini keghtov: Parzapes orer sharunak verjapes, amen mi blri mej, krkin u krkin, amen mi unts’iayi mej nertstsvum e, amen mi jur jury ch’i ogtagortsvum jrits’ ha…

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  • Tmmeye

    V.F.D Craft - Spyglass

    April 16, 2018 by Tmmeye

    To Everyone,

    I have created a craft to make a Spyglass.

    If you would like to make one too, here are the instructions & what it should look like:

    You'll Need:

    • 2 Cardboard Toilet Paper Holders
    • Tape
    • Black Marker


    1. Place the Cardboard TP Holders back to back, creating a tunnel-like object

    2. Tape the TP Holders together

    3. Use the Black Marker to create fake dials

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  • Tmmeye

    V.F.D Discord

    April 16, 2018 by Tmmeye

    To Everyone,

    I Have Created A V.F.D Discord To Support The V.F.D Group, And A Possible Roleplay.
    If You Would Like To Join, The Link Is Read more >
  • JCSH24

    What do you think happened to all the people who supposedly died in the Hotel Denouement fire?

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  • Jessica2749

    Does anyone know the realease date to season 3 Of A Series Of Unfrounate Events?

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  • Justyoureverydaymouthbreathingloser

    WARNING: I have not read the original books (I know, I'm a teribile fangirl)

    I have one question...
  • Justyoureverydaymouthbreathingloser

    Hello I am Adrianne, a girl with a strange obsession with the case of the Baudelairs.

    I have spent many days wondering exactly what happend to the baudelairs,basically I'm a very intrested fangirl writing a blog about all of my theories and ships but for now I will just make this post to let people know that this blog exisit Read more >
  • Vikkkishere

    A discord server

    March 17, 2018 by Vikkkishere

    I've created a discord server for A Series Of Unfortunate Events and it's called A Series Of Unfortunate Discord Servers 

    The server invite is and if you want to know, the pic for the server is  -------------------------------------------------------------------->

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  • Cstoczyn


    March 1, 2018 by Cstoczyn

    Hi, What's Up? Cstoczyn (talk) 22:30, March 1, 2018 (UTC)

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  • Madame Lulu

    Ive been thinking about writing "Another Series of Unfortunate Events" for a while. Now I have an idea for Book 1. As the Baudelaires set sail they find theirselves back in Esme's clutches. She has her own acting troupe and (I haven't figured out all the details) eventually the children end up in an In Fashion Show which Mr.Poe is in the audience of. He finally finds the children and takes them from Esme.

    What do you think?

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  • Isadora Quagmire

    All members of this unfortunate wiki would surely agree that the fancy yellow door that led us to believe the Baudelaire parents were still alive rings a warning bell.  The question is what material would the elegant door require?  In search of feasable answers, we must press on.  

    Made of lucky smells lumbermill wood?  Perhaps.  Without a doubt some of the grand houses belonging to the families were made of wood from that mill, explained Snicket, and were flammable.  But whatever burns like that is most likely a mystery anyway.  Leave quickly, begs the author of this dull report, and don't ring the bells of any doors, yellow or not, for obvious reasons.

    I. Quagmire

    "The World Is Quiet Here"

    P.S. The author does not promise that the awkward ph…

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  • Quigley Quagmire


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  • Esme Squalor

    Esme News

    March 14, 2017 by Esme Squalor

    Hi all! I'm thrilled to join this smashing website, and I'm using this blog to post about the television series of ASOUE! 😘Esme

    3/14/17...... So I heard about the renewal for the ASOUE Netflix series! Bring on the second season!


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  • PepsiForLife

    The Carnivorous Carnival

    February 28, 2017 by PepsiForLife

    I like to say that the Carnivorous Carnival is a great book and is now my Favorite! Im doing it for my school Book Report, that is how much I like it!

    To: Lemony Snicket 

    Thanks for Everything!!!!!!!


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  • The Unanimous Poster

    Shower thoughts

    February 21, 2017 by The Unanimous Poster

    I am sure all are aware of the weather on the first day.  Dreary and downcast. Cold and Cloudy. There are numerous ways to explain that day....


    The fire that took away Violit, Klaus, and Sunny's parents and home was started by Coant Olaf. He took the power of the sun and magnified it. Much like a laser.

    The Power of the sun...

    If That day was dreary and downcast, How did Count Olaf manage to harness enough sun to burn down a house? He couldn't, unless he managed another way, to start the fire. but still, that still discredits a LOT of what limony snicket has told you. 

    Think about it.

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  • Pete Viperfang

    Hey there. So I have this theory: After rewatching the Tv series for the third time, I noticed something peculiar. In the second part of The Miserable Mill, we see the Quagmires die. Did you see, who set their house on fire? I can't be only one, who though of this. Did you see the clothing, that person wore? A large coat with giant feathers, that, although was unpractical, was deffinetly ,,in".

    *wink, wink*

    Thats right! It was her! It must have been!!


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  • DailyPunctilio


    '''''}} ]]}} On Friday the 13th, a series of unfortunate events began
    with a horrible fire that destroyed the Baudelaire Mansion.

    Neither the official fire department nor the volunteer fire department arrived in time
    to keep the home of Mr. and Mrs. Bertrand Baudelaire from burning to ashes.

    The Baudelaire family was well-respected in the community. The Mayor calls it a
    "tragedy" that they're gone.

    The couple had three children, Veronica, Klyde and baby Susie. They have nothing
    but good times ahead, I assure you, as their parents left behind an enormous fortune.

    Since their parents are dead and they're orphans now, the Baudelaires will taken in by
    the well-respected banker Arthur Poe, my dear husband (not brother, no no, dear me),
    who is so gen…

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  • Rocket Engineer

    The Daily Punctilio

    January 12, 2017 by Rocket Engineer

    As a miserable new year starts, news of the most dreadful kind has reached the Punctilio's researchers, the sort which rings several alarms. "A Series of Unfortunate Events" will be released. This ends a long wait, despite the rampant foolishness of watching such endless misery. Netflix is releasing it on Friday the 13th, and it will start off with 8 episodes. The Punctilio team recommends taking a long walk or listening to ringing church bells instead of watching such potent misery.  

    ~Rocket Engineer, substitute editor of The Daily Punctilio 

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  • Percyrules46

    Have they  ever told you  once that your  a embarrassment ? My mom sure did. It frustrates me more when she says that I'm  weak and defenseless    when I'm  not . She says  that she understand  me, but she doesn't .  She never fought  for  her friends  and  I  had . I'm  always  different .  I'm  sure  I'm  not  her daughter .  I look  nothing  like  her,my personality  is different  and unique .  She wants  to  break down all individuality . She is the  worst.

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  • Stuff456

    Debut Post

    September 12, 2016 by Stuff456

    Well, just as the title says, this is my first post! 

    Simply put, I'm a high school student who spends way too much time on the Web. My interests change a lot depending on my mood and mentality. The reason I started editing this Wiki was because of my nostalgia for the series. I'd love to reread it sometime. :)

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  • Isaac Anwhistle

    I got a haircut yesterday.

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  • 6905mm

    Let me Give you a quote from A Seris of Unfourtunate Events (the History Of the island) "beatrice is hiding a small amount [of horseradish(or other substance cabable of dilluting the muesoid mycellium ie. wasabi) in a vess-"  it is reasaanable to assume that this last word is a vessel for disaccarides (spelt wrong) which is also a V.F.D name for the sugar bowl, meaning that it is possible that there is a apple-horseradish hybrid fruit in the sugar Bowl! both sides want it because if they take the seed and plant them, that side of the schiscim would be immune the the most powerful wepon and one of the biggist plot points in a seris of unourthunate events, THE MUESIOD MYCELLIUM!!!

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  • 6905mm

    I Didnt Realize This Was A Sad 

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