The name's Bruce, but you can call me Uncle Bruce, although I'm almost certainly not your real uncle. Welcome to the Snow Scouts, travelers, where all of us are meek. In fact, we're accommodating, basic, calm...
— Bruce telling the Baudelaire orphans his name, The Slippery Slope

Bruce is a character in the series who is very unintelligent. He appeared in The Reptile Room and The Slippery Slope. He may have also been mentioned in The Penultimate Peril.


As Director of Marketing for the Herpetological Society,  Bruce took custody of Montgomery Montgomery's reptiles after his death, later losing all but the Incredibly Deadly Viper to Count Olaf. Quigley Quagmire said Bruce was much trouble to V.F.D., because of this.

Bruce later became the leader of the Snow Scouts and made up a ridiculous pledge. When the Snow Scouts made it up to the top of Mount Fraught, they were tricked by the villains into reciting the Snow Scout pledge, causing Bruce, the Scouts (except Carmelita Spats, his niece), and some of Olaf's henchmen to be caught in a net. They were then taken away by the V.F.D. eagles. His fate thereafter is unknown.

In The Penultimate Peril, one of the guests tells a man named Bruce to come back to bed after being awakened by Dewey's death. The same man later calls for this Bruce when the Hotel Denouement Fire starts. It hasn't been confirmed if this is the same Bruce or a different person, though it is likely the same because Daniel Handler has expressed fondness for the character.


  • Due to Carmelita Spats being his niece, his surname may also be Spats.
  • Daniel Handler is fond of Bruce, who is likely his favorite character.
  • Handler's claim of Bruce not appearing in the TV series(15:00) held true, as he has been replaced by Brucie.