There's someone on the road.
— The bus driver to Ms. Tench

The Bus Driver works for Prufrock Preparatory School. He drives the school bus, containing the gym teacher Ms. Tench and her sports team, to an away game but on the way, the bus is apprehended and stolen by Count Olaf and his theater troupe. The driver's whereabouts are unknown.


He drives a school bus containing Ms. Tench, Prufrock Preparatory School's gym teacher, and the whole sports team on an away game. On the way, he notices Larry the Waiter on the road and informs Ms. Tench who is in the middle of a dramatic speech. He stops the bus and Larry is picked up, and the journey continues until, just as Ms. Tench begins talking again, the bus comes to a sudden stop. The bus driver turns to the gym teacher and tells her they must have had a blown tire. She declares that she can fix it, and goes outside to do so but is immediately confronted by Count Olaf and his troupe who hijack the bus. It is mentioned by one of Olaf's associates that both Ms. Tench and the Bus Driver were crying as they threw them off the bus.

While it is stated afterwards by Vice Principal Nero that Ms. Tench and the sports team may have survived, the bus driver's fate remains unknown.

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