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Café Kafka is an eatery located in The City. It is not known what district it is in nor has a complete menu been revealed.


It is mentioned that Lemony Snicket was sitting in the Café Kafka when he received The Daily Punctilio newspaper that published his obituary.[1]

When Snicket was instructing his Kind Editor on how to obtain the manuscript for The Wide Window, he tells them to go to the café at 4pm the next Wednesday and to order a jasmine tea from the tallest waiter on duty, who would bring them the manuscript and several scattered items.[2]


Due to the café's proximity in the city, it is possible that Café Kafka could be the café in which an eleven-year-old Lemony Snicket took Beatrice Baudelaire for "excellent" root beer floats. As such, it could also possibly be the café where he later was delivered a message by Beatrice Baudelaire II, who sat at the corner table to see if he wanted to meet her.[3]


  • The Café Kafka is named after Franz Kafka, a German author who is regarded as a major figure in 20th-century literature.