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Look at her pinafore!

Carmelita's Lackey #1 is a student of Prufrock Preparatory School and is a "friend" of Carmelita Spats.


Though the books and TV series are ambiguously canon for each other, it should be noted that Carmelita Spats's friends in the book canon are described as being as rude, filthy and violent as her, and that her friends were "happy to help her torment people- probably to avoid being tormented themselves."[1]

When Violet and Klaus Baudelaire are arguing in the school cafeteria, Carmelita yells for her lackeys to come over and explain how adorable she was. This lackey and another rush to her side, with this one saying "look at her pinafore". After Violet and Klaus walk to their tables, the lackeys follow Carmelita to hers, and later chant "cake-sniffing orphans in the orphan shack" along with her.

Later, the lackey attends Vice Principal Nero's pep rally during which the new gym teacher, Coach Genghis (who was really the villainous Count Olaf in disguise) is revealed.[2] She is also seen in the crowd in the school auditorium as Violet and Klaus Baudelaire are tested by Mr. Remora and Mrs. Bass in front of the whole school. She chants "test them" along with the other students before they are tested.[3]