Of or pertaining to Beatrice Baudelaire II.

Not everything Beatrice Baudelaire II is a part of or that is vaguely related to her should be included in this category. Please only include items of major relevance to her [I.E. Decision Day], her character [Baudelaire Family], her portrayal(s) [Angelina Capozzoli], or that is almost exclusively tied to her and nothing else [The Ring].
Due to being born the daughter of a Snicket but adopted by the Baudelaires and declaring herself a Baudelaire multiple times, she is to be listed under both the Baudelaire family and Snicket family.
Due to the likelihood of her book incarnation being either the biological daughter of Count Olaf or Dewey Denouement, she is to be listed under both "Denouement family" and "Royalty." Also recall that Netflix!Canon does not apply to Book!Canon and should not be taken as such.

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