The Cathedral of the Alleged Virgin was a cathedral near the Hinterlands.


It was northeast of Lousy Lane, east of the Grim River, and west of the Finite Forest.

It apparently has stained-glass windows.[1]


The Hostile Hospital

When Lemony Snicket talks about "how music has charms to soothe a savage beast" (a quote by William Congreve), he mentions that he was ducking in the altar, typing, while his friend and associate hummed a tune that calmed him down and drowned out the noise of his typewriter.

Lemony Snicket: The Unauthorized Autobiography

Count Olaf's associate, as she was searching for Dr. Montgomery's reptiles, mentioned the cathedral. She had mistaken the cathedral for "a toad that looks like a church, complete with stained-glass eyes."[2]



  • The Cathedral is likely a Catholic Cathedral dedicated to Mary, mother of Jesus, a patron saint in the Catholic religion. Mary is believed by Catholics and Christians to be a virgin who miraculously gave birth to the son of God; the name of "Alleged Virgin" is a skeptical crack at this belief.
  • On the map, footsteps are drawn near the cathedral.



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  2. The associate put a (1) next to what she said, and a (1) next to the cathedral on the map, confirming the connection.
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