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Chapter Fourteen is the epilogue of the thirteenth book, The End, though it is styled as a "fourteenth" book. The fact that it is fourteenth means that the series will not end in bad luck and the Baudelaires may finally get some luck into their lives.


Violet, Klaus, and Sunny Baudelaire are sitting with baby Beatrice Snicket on the shores of the island. A lot has changed over the year. Violet and Klaus have had birthdays and are older, Sunny can talk in complete sentences, Beatrice is about ten or eleven months old, and more. After chatting a little bit, Violet says they should leave. Klaus and Sunny agree, and pack up. A few days later, Violet, Klaus, Sunny, and Beatrice are ready to go. Sunny finds the fully repaired boat and they put the food, blankets, and clothes there. While Violet is getting life jackets, she sees the baby gone. Sunny tells her Beatrice is just saying good-bye to her mother and her grave, who is the deceased Kit Snicket. Finally, Violet, Klaus, Sunny, and Beatrice Snicket are ready to immerse themselves in the world, and they leave...

It is revealed that their boat, the Beatrice, sank when they were near land. It is possible that all four of them survive, and made it to shore, and were eventually reunited with their friends. Another possibility, the bad one, could be that they were caught in The Great Unknown with the Quagmires, Ink (The Incredibly Deadly Viper), Captain Widdershins, Fiona, Fernald and they died, although this is unlikely. It is known that Beatrice survived, because of her letters in The Beatrice Letters, and, since she is searching for the three siblings, it is suggested that they survived also.

TV Series

In the TV series, chapter Fourteen is nearly the same apart from that it is known the Baudelaires and Beatrice survived. Beatrice then meets her uncle, Lemony, a decade later, in a cafe to talk about their family and the Baudelaires. Count Olaf's acting troupe is seen performing (bar Fernald), Quigley is seen boarding the Mobile Home and being reunited with his siblings, and Fernald and Fiona are seen on the Queequeg having dinner when they hear Captain Widdershins' voice on the loudspeaker.

Beatrice Dedication

For Beatrice—

We are like boats passing in the night—

Particularly you.


  • The epigraph is a stanza from Charles Baudelaire's poem Le voyage. The poem goes like this:

    Ô Mort, vieux capitaine, il est temps! levons l'ancre!
    Ce pays nous ennuie, Ô Mort! Appareillons!
    Si le ciel et la mer sont noirs comme de l'encre,
    Nos coeurs que tu connais sont remplis de rayons!