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Chas. Snicket was the father of E. Snicket and the grandfather of Jacques, Kit, and Lemony Snicket. He was also the great-grandfather of Beatrice Baudelaire II. He also has two siblings, A. and B. Snicket, who are not mentioned much.


Known Facts

Little is known about Chas. Snicket, though it can be assumed their name is Charles, as that is what "Chas" tends to be short for. He had two siblings- A, whose whereabouts are unknown, and B, whose whereabouts are uninteresting. 

He had three children- D, E and F, and each of them had three children themselves. The only known names are those of E and Jacob Snicket's children- Jacques, Kit and Lemony. This, therefore, makes Chas. the great grandparent of Beatrice Baudelaire II. He is also the grandfather of G, H, I, M, N and O

It is presumed that Chas. once gave Lemony a small wooden box over 500 years old. The box has a secret lock that can only be opened with a secret code which Chas. taught his grandson. Chas. learned it from his grandfather, who learned it from his grandfather, and so on. Inside, Lemony keeps a key which opens another box given to him by a woman whom Chas. refused to speak of. Inside this box is a detailed map of the City which lists many conspiracies and uncommon knowledge. For example, it lists the locations of V.F.D. tunnels.[2] This is presumed to be Chas.- however, as Lemony only mentioned it was his grandfather, it could be his paternal grandfather instead of maternal, and thus not be them.


Chas. is presumed (but not confirmed) to be a member of VFD, as the Snickets appear to be a VFD family,[1] and to be deceased.

A theory is that, on the family tree, G and I stand for Gregor and Ike Anwhistle. Their parent, D, could potentially be their mother, who is noted to have one eyebrow (a trait shared by Jacques) and one ear[3], which could also make her the student of Ishmael;[4] as the student was an orphan, this would mean Chas. is deceased.

Another theory is that M and O on the family tree are Miranda and Olivia Caliban, which would make Friday Caliban Chas's great-granddaughter.[4]


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