“Cliffhanger” was a song that was cut from the finale of Season 2: The Carnivorous Carnival: Part Two.

It was written as a potential end to the second season, but was cut before music was composed, because the creators thought it would deflate the tension, and pausing the action for a song made the danger seem less dangerous.

It is mentioned in The Incomplete History of Secret Organizations: An Utterly Unreliable Account of Netflix's A Series of Unfortunate Events.


Lemony Snicket:
Sometimes a story is over
But it only seems just halfway through
There’s unfinished business
Hair-raising suspense
And lingering mystery too
You might feel upset with an ending like that
If it’s really an ending at all
You might feel as though
You’re on top of a cliff
And nobody knows if you’ll fall
It’s a cliffhanger, a cliffhanger
A story that cuts off midway
The world is like this, it’s a cliffhanger
Day after uncertain day
You might think you’re a hero
So it follows the hero will win
But now you’re tumbling
Goodness knows where
It’s a nerve-wracking state that you’re in
Count Olaf:
Or you might think you’re a villain
With a scheme that you hope will prevail
But with this and with that
You don’t know where you’re at
Except midway through some anxious tale
Olaf/Esmé Squalor/Troupe:
It’s a cliffhanger, a cliffhanger
And it cuts off before it’s polite
The world is like this, it’s a cliffhanger
Night after uncertain night
Hook-Handed Man:
Maybe the villain has henchmen
White-Faced Women:
Henchperson of intermediate gender:
Or Hench-I-don’t-know
Bald Man/Hugo/Colette/Kevin:
They’re stuffed in the back of a car
They can’t drive
All the Henchfolk:
And they don’t know where next they will go
Maybe somewhere there’s a beautiful dame
Who’s riding beside some smart guy
She’s had quite an exciting time on the road
But now she might leave him high and dry
All the Villains:
It’s a cliffhanger, a cliffhanger
It stops just when the end is near
The world is like this, it’s a cliffhanger
Year after uncertain year
Mr. Poe:
Maybe you work for a powerful bank
Mrs. Poe:
Or a newspaper everyone reads
The Poes:
Maybe you try
To do everything right
But surely we know where that leads
Maybe you’re part of a secret
A secret that holds you in thrall
But the truth is a secret that everyone shares
The world knows nothing at all
Entire cast:
It’s a cliffhanger, a cliffhanger
We’re all on the edge of a knife
The world is like this, a cliffhanger
Life after uncertain life
It’s a cliffhanger, a cliffhanger
When it’s night, when it’s noon, when it’s dawn
We’re all in suspense which is why we look tense
It goes on and on and on (it’s a cliffhanger)
On and on and on (it’s a cliffhanger)
On and on and on and on and-
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