Never go in there, Snicket. It is a wild and lawless place, not fit for man or beast.

The Clusterous Forest is a seaweed just outside of Stain'd-by-the-Sea.


The Clusterous Forest was created when the water was pumped from the valley surrounding the town of Stain'd-by-the-Sea. Instead of the underwater foliage dying with the absence of water, they adapted over time to grow on land. The seaweed now creates a forest several miles in area.

It has a frightening look that is described as being more like endless mass of shrubbery. The flashy sea-plant leaves still move and twist around each other as if they are still underwater. The forest smells strongly of salt and fish and the sea.[1]

It also has the distinct sound of the underwater life rustling about with the wind. This sound is known to vary with the weather and the distance you are from it, but is always rustling no matter what. The rustling has been compared to that of a faint rustling of a heater, as they can both vary.

The seaweed grows flowers that attract tiny birds; unfortunately, the birds would land on the stems and get stuck in the seaweed, and they would stick until they starved to death. After a few weeks, their bare skeletons could still be seen clinging to the seaweed

Hangfire notes that he spent a long time there, and that he doesn't find it a terrible place; he describes it as a collection of plants that found a way to survive. Indeed, though it looks lawless, there is a small path though it, which Lemony Snicket takes out of town.[2]



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