I can bend my body into all sorts of unusual positions. Look. You see? I'm a complete freak.
— Colette, The Carnivorous Carnival

Colette the Contortionist has the ability to bend her body into abnormal positions. When the Baudelaires arrived at the House of Freaks at Caligari Carnival, she was described as "a skinny woman".


The Carnivorous Carnival 

She worked at Caligari Carnival alongside Hugo and Kevin in the House of Freaks. Suffering from low self-esteem, she bemoaned her unusual ability as an abnormality instead of a talent. Esmé Squalor once gave her a gift to persuade her: a large robe that would allow her to contort her body into any shape she wanted without people being aware.

Colette eventually turns against the Baudelaires and Madame Lulu, and joins Count Olaf's troupe.

The Slippery Slope

In The Slippery Slope, Colette is at the Mortmain Mountains with the rest of the troupe.

She, along with members of the House of Freaks and members of Olaf's troupe engaged in a sort of pity contest, trying to outdo each other in terms of whom as the most freakish and had the most unfortunate abnormalities. Colette, in one of these moments, could understand why the white-faced women dislike their paleness, since they used makeup and powder right in front of her.

Colette, unlike many of the villains, used dental floss.[1]

The Penultimate Peril

Colette was at Hotel Denouement with Kevin and Hugo. She disguises herself as a chemist in a long white coat and a mask such as surgeons or chemists wear over their noses and mouths. Colette, Kevin and Hugo eventually reveal their identities to the Baudelaires. When Dewey Denouement was killed, she calls the Baudelaires twisted when Count Olaf claims that the Baudelaire children are too treacherous to allow to move freely around the hotel. During the trial of the Baudelaire children and Count Olaf, Colette submitted some drawings as evidence. When the Hotel Denouement Fire is started, Hugo, Colette, and Kevin were last seen on one of the floors holding the bird paper that Klaus hung on the outside of the sauna. Colette was talking about plucking off the feathers of crows. It is unknown whether or not Colette survived the hotel fire.

TV series

Colette's role is mainly the same in the TV series, although it is substantially cut. In The Slippery Slope: Part One, she, along with Hugo and Kevin, are implied to be killed by the Man with a Beard but No Hair and the Woman with Hair but No Beard. However, it's also possible they were frightened and ran away, and had happier lives.

Behind the scenes

She is portrayed by real contortionist Bonnie Morgan in the TV series.





TV series

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