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The following article or section concerns information that is considered even less canonical than the chance of a happy ending. Any information following should not be used as a source for the canon of the book series.

Count Olaf, what're you doing here, man?

The Constable is a character appearing in the film adaptation of A Series of Unfortunate Events. He is the detective who is called to the scene of Dr. Montgomery Montgomery's murder, and is also with Mr. Poe at Lake Lachrymose. He attends Count Olaf's performance of The Marvelous Marriage.


He is a constable and a detective residing in The City. The constable is called to the scene of herpetologist Dr. Montgomery Montgomery's murder. He is upset that he has been called to the scene in the early morning to find a dead body and an open cage formerly holding the Incredibly Deadly Viper. Violet, Klaus and Sunny Baudelaire, three children adopted by Montgomery, attempt to convince the constable that Montgomery's assistant Stephano was actually Count Olaf in disguise and had murdered their guardian, and that the doctor on the scene was actually one of Olaf's henchmen. The constable, however, dismisses their claims, and asks Mr. Poe if he'd mind if he'd skip the paperwork on the case. Stephano says that'd be best, but Sunny soon reveals that the Incredibly Deadly Viper is completely harmless, and therefore couldn't have killed Monty, by playing with the large snake. But, as the constable and Mr. Poe look at Sunny, Olaf and his associate escape.

Later, the constable accompanies Mr. Poe aboard a large boat in Lake Lachrymose near Damocles Dock as they approach a small speedboat on which Olaf and the three Baudelaires are stranded. The constable and Mr. Poe, neither of which know that Stephano and Olaf are the same person, assume that Olaf has rescued the children from the Lachrymose Leeches and that their guardian Josephine Anwhistle has been killed, and allow Olaf to take in the Baudelaires.

Likely to confirm whether Olaf is fit to be the children's legal guardian, the constable attends the Count and his troupe's performance of The Marvelous Marriage. For the duration of the play the constable sits beside a critic. At one point in the play, after Olaf throws a fake decapitated head into the crowd, the constable catches it and puts his top hat onto the head.[1] When it is revealed that the marriage is actually a scheme of Olaf's and that he has actually married Violet and gained the Baudelaire fortune, Mr. Poe yells to arrest him. The constable, however, points out that he hasn't technically broken the law. Soon, however, the crowd discovers that Olaf has been dangling Sunny from a tower in a birdcage and threatening to drop her if Violet doesn't marry her, and Olaf is arrested.

Lemony Snicket mentions that he has received eyewitness accounts from those who were present at the investigation of Dr. Montgomery's murder. The constable may be one of these witnesses.

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