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I'd like to dedicate these words to my wife, who sadly perished in a fire, and to my son, who is here somewhere in the audience tonight. I love you, Olaf. Stay safe and good night.

Count Olaf's father was the father of Count Olaf.


At some point, he fathered Count Olaf. It is implied either he or his wife, or both, are from some kind of noble birth, as Olaf is called a "count". In addition, it is implied Olaf attended classes at Wade Academy, a prestigious school.[3]

In The Penultimate Peril, a while before the Vernacularly Fastened Door was opened, Olaf told the Baudelaires to ask Dewey Denouement about their parents, a particular night to the opera (La Forza del Destino), and a box of poison darts. One of the questions to the door is the weapon that left Olaf an orphan, which he reveals is poison darts. The details of this are still unclear, but it implies the Baudelaire parents, Beatrice and Bertrand, killed Olaf's parents. The Snicket siblings are another possibility.[1]

Much earlier in the book, Kit Snicket tells the Baudelaires that during intermission she followed the Baudelaire parents to the snack bar and slipped them a box of poison darts before Esmé Squalor could catch her. This implies Kit was also partially responsible for the death of Olaf's father.

Netflix Series Divergent Canon

In the TV series canon, it is revealed he was the head of the official fire department, although any involvement with the Volunteer Fire Department is unknown. His wife died in a fire making him a widower. It is unclear if he joined the fire department to prevent others from losing loved ones by fire, or if his wife was killed by arson because someone held a grudge against the fire department.

He loved his son Olaf, though it is implied prior to his death he has not seen him in quite some time.

In a flashback in "The Penultimate Peril: Part Two," it is revealed that Count Olaf's father was the chief of the city's fire department and that Olaf's mother was already deceased by the time of the incident. During an argument between everyone, Olaf's father suddenly entered the room, trying to calm them down. Olaf's father was hit by a dart thrown by Beatrice Baudelaire which was intended for Esmé Squalor. Surprised, he looked at Olaf, whispered his name, then fell down the steps.

To cover for Beatrice and prevent Olaf from taking drastic revenge on her, Lemony Snicket took the blame for the incident which led to Olaf hating Lemony and Lemony going on the lam.

However, it is implied that Olaf eventually found out Beatrice was his father's killer. Olaf tried to exact revenge on Beatrice. He tried to kill Beatrice at a V.F.D. party by shoving her off a balcony, but the wings of her dragonfly costume worked.

He is portrayed by Eric Keenleyside.