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In front of the cave there was a sign saying it was for sale, and the orphans could not imagine who would want to buy such a phantasmagorical- the word 'phantasmagorical' here means 'all the creepy, scary words you can think of put together'- place.

Curdled Cave is a gloomy cavern located on the shore of Lake Lachrymose. It is where Josephine Anwhistle briefly fled to after she faked her death.


Curdled Cave is located directly across from Damocles Dock and west of the Lavender Lighthouse within walking distance, though it takes longer to get there by foot than by sailing across the lake.

The opening is a dark hole in the cliff, that leads quickly into a pitch dark place. The water surrounding it is shallow, and the mouth of the cave had several rocks that ominously resemble teeth. Just beyond the entrance are twisted white rock formations that resembling moldy milk, presumably due to the namesake of the cave. The rocky floor is pale and dusty.

Sound is noted to echo from inside quite loudly, causing the cavern to seem much scarier than it is.

A "For Sale" sign is displayed at Curdled Cave's entrance, revealing that the real estate agents that claimed it are/were offering to sell it.[1]


Curdled Cave may have once been a V.F.D. sanctuary, but it was claimed by a "treacherous team of realtors."[2]

Following her escape from Count Olaf, Josephine Anwhistle used the cave as a hiding spot, leaving a coded message for the children so that they would find her there, expecting them to live there in hiding. After informing her the cave was for sale, she agreed to leave. As of the thirteenth book's conclusion, no one knows if Curdled Cave was ever sold and if it was, the identity of the buyer remains just as unknown.

2004 film Divergent Canon

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Video Game

In the video game, Curdled Cave appears as a brief level in the Wide Window sequence, where Sunny enters the cave through a small hole and must slide into the cave below to retrieve Aunt Josephine's Grammar Books; otherwise, she refuses to depart. The level features red puzzle pieces and can later be revisited once it is completed the first time.