Curdled Cave is a location on Lake Lachrymose.

It is currently for sale and was the hide-out of Josephine Anwhistle following her forced suicide note and escape from the murderous bad actor Count Olaf.

The Wide Window

The Curdled Cave first appeared in The Wide Window as a location on Lake Lachrymose surrounding the Baudelaire's new hometown.

It is first mentioned to the Baudelaire Orphans as they come to live with their new guardian Aunt Josephine Anwhistle who tells she used to be quite adventurous when her dead husband Ike Anwhistle was alive.

She recounts them as travelling all the way from Horrid Harbor to Curdled Cave.

Aunt Josephine is then eventually attacked by Count Olaf under the disguise of a sailor named Captain Sham who invites his way back to her home while the Baudelaire Children will shop for a dinner for all of them.

Back at the house Count Olaf reveals his true identity to Aunt Josephine and then forces her into writing a last will and testament crossed with a suicide note.

Aunt Josephine then formulated an escape and secret message to be found by the Baudelaire's which will reveal the hiding place she will be at.

Josephine then threw a chair out the window and flung herself down into the water below before getting into a canoe and paddling off to Curdled Cave.

Violet, Klaus and Sunny then returning home discovered her note pieced together the grammatical errors of the note knowing not even in her own death note would she use bad grammar survive Hurricane Herman which destroys her home sail off in the other canoe of her house to Curdled Cave.

There they find her and asked to live there with her.

Klaus, Violet and Sunny then persuade Josephine out of her irrerational fear of realtors to leave Curdled Cave where she is soon thrown to the leeches by Count Olaf.

Lemony Snicket's A Series Of Unfortunate Events (Film 2004)

Curdled Cave (Movie) + Cast

Aunt Josephine In Curdled Cave

Curdled Cave appearence in the Lemony Snicket film follows the Wide Window book where Aunt Josephine who had explored the cave back in her no fear days flees following Count Olaf's attack to Curdled Cave where is soon convinced to leave by Violet, Klaus and Sunny.

Aunt Josephine is killed just waters away from Curdled Cave on Lachrymose Lake just like the the Wide Window and the mention of Realtors coming to look at the for sale cave like in the book is what convinced Aunt Josephine to leave Curdled Cave though sher wishes to return following demanding questions reagrding their parents and Ike's room.

Lemony Snicket's A Series Of Unfortunate Events (Video Game)

Curdled Cave in the Video Game appears as a brief level area of the Wide Window sequence where Sunny entering through a small cave hole must slide into the below cave to retrieve Aunt Josephine's Grammar Books otherwise she refuses to depart.

The Level features red puzzle pieces and is later a revistable level area


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