Curdled Cave is a location on Lake Lachrymose. It is currently for sale and was the hide-out of Josephine Anwhistle following her forced suicide note and escape from Count Olaf.


Curdled Cave was first mentioned in The Wide Window when the Baudelaire children's Aunt Josephine told them stories of her adventures with her late husband, wherein they traveled from Horrid Harbor to the cave.

Later in the book, Josephine was forced by Count Olaf (Captain Sham ) to write a suicide note, but formulated a plan to escape and wrote a series of grammatical errors in which the secret of her whereabouts was concealed. Josephine then threw a chair out of the window in her library, and flung herself down into the water below before getting into a canoe and paddling off to Curdled Cave.

Once they had decoded their Aunt's message, the children found her in the cave and persuaded her to leave, using her irrational fear of realtors to their advantage.

It is a known V.F.D safe place, but was "claimed by a vicious team of realtors" according to Captain Widdershins.

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Curdled Cave (Movie) + Cast

Aunt Josephine In Curdled Cave

Lemony Snicket's A Series Of Unfortunate Events (Video Game)

In the video game, Curdled Cave appears as a brief level area of the Wide Window sequence, wherein Sunny enters the cave through a small hole and must slide into the cave below to retrieve Aunt Josephine's Grammar Books; otherwise, she refuses to depart. The Level features red puzzle pieces and is later a revistable level area.



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