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If you didn't know much about the Baudelaire orphans, and you saw them sitting on their suitcases at Damocles Dock, you might think that they were bound for an exciting adventure.

Damocles Dock is a dock located on the coast of Lake Lachrymose. It is typically where visitors are dropped off after traveling by the Fickle Ferry, in addition to being greeted by several signs, warning them to avoid the lake if they have food with them, or have eaten a short time ago.


Damocles Dock is the resting place for the Fickle Ferry, a ferry that drives all across Lake Lachrymose. It is described as a "small square," with lights that shine out to sea in order to remain visible. It is directly across from the Curdled Cave.

Captain Sham’s Sailboat Rentals operated off of there for some time.[1]

When the Baudelaire children were dropped off at the dock, Duchess R took a photo of them for a V.F.D. investigation that ended up in the possession of Madame Lulu.[2]



  • The dock is named after Damocles, an ancient greek mythological character whose story is "an allusion to the imminent and ever-present peril faced by those in positions of power."
    • The original story is referenced in the original Brett Helquist illustration of the dock, as the tale involves a sword hung by a horse's hair over a throne; the drawing of the dock features a hanging sword from the sign. The sword is included in the sign itself in the Netflix adaptation, while it is replaced by a wooden anchor in the 2004 film.
  • Josephine Anwhistle hid a history book on the dock under her bed, entitled The History of Damocles Dock Region.


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