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Daniel Letto is an actor who portrayed a Lime Salesperson in the Netflix adaptation of A Series of Unfortunate Events.


Daniel William Stewart Letto was born on January 6th, 1988 in St. Anthony, Newfoundland. He moved to Edmonton, Alberta at the age of 6. Throughout his childhood he spent much of his time outdoors playing sports. In high school, Daniel fell in love with football but gave it up to focus solely on his new passion, music. It was around this time he enrolled in the school's drama program. High school was a place where he realized his skill sets and had an opportunity to explore them.

After graduation he decided to make the move to Vancouver to attend film school and pursue acting. Before the program was completed, he had booked his first professional theatre gig, Gift Of Screws. Over the years, Daniel has been seen on screen as well as on stage in numerous professional productions. Most notably as Gene in Automatic Pilot. And Very recently portraying Vince in a production of Tape.

Drawn to a vast array of characters, he brings a certain intensity and open heart to his work, and is known by the casting community as an actor who is always driving for the truth. He has spent several years training intensively with the finest coaches around.[1]



Year Title Role Notes
2009 Night Shift Reg Walker
2013 Insecurbia Mark Short
2013 Man with a Van and Some Boxes Tim Short
2013 The BFF Club Smart Jock BFF Short
2013 Stranded Blown and Tied Together Short
2013 Aftermath Charles Short
2014 Soldiers of Earth Hoodlum Short
2014 Dis Pleis Steve Short
2016 All Yours Delivery Man
2017 Beaches Sorcerer Actor
2017 Gregoire Ticket Agent
2019 Midnight Screaming Trench Coat Guy Short


Year Title Role Notes
2014 Supernatural Angel in Bar One Episode
2016 Girlfriends' Guide to Divorce Date #2 One Episode
2016 No Tomorrow Hipster Guy One Episode
2017 A Series of Unfortunate Events Lime Salesperson ​​​​​​​One Episode
2017 DC's Legends of Tomorrow 'Vandal' ​​​​​​​One Episode
2017 Lucifer Surly Improv Partner ​​​​​​​One Episode


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