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The Denouement family is notable for having identical triplets run in it as well as being divided between the various sides of the Schism.


In the book series, two generations are definitely mentioned.

The triplets' parents were librarians. They perished in a fire on the eve of their sons' fifth birthdays.

The Denouement triplets, Dewey, Ernest and Frank, were born four years before the schism. They were recruited to VFD around their fifth birthday when they were kidnapped by an unknown woman and their parents murdered. They were taken to the headquarters on Mt. Fraught

As adults, Frank and Ernest opened Hotel Denouement. They ran it as co-managers, with Dewey operating behind the scenes keeping the clock running and operating his giant underwater library containing information about members of VFD on both sides of the schism.

Dewey expressed interest in having the Baudelaires live with him and his brothers at the hotel, implying that Dewey wanted to adopt them and be their final guardian.[1] 

Netflix Series Divergent Canon

The Denouement family grows to include Beatrice Baudelaire II. Kit Snicket, while unconfirmed if she is Dewey's wife or girlfriend, is Dewey's partner and therefore can also be considered to be a part of the Denouement family.

All three Denouement triplets are considered managers at Hotel Denouement. Dewey has the added job of acting as a sub-sub-librarian in the sub-basement, where he has rigged vents and laundry shoots to send files and information to the sub-basement. Dewey maintains his library under the reflecting pond, as it would protect the library in the case of fire. Dewey offered the Baudelaires his job as keeper of the sub-library while he would defect to go and raise his daughter with Kit.

The show pronounces Denouement according to the French pronunciation.[2][3] 

Speculated Members

  • While confirmed in the TV Series, the books leave it ambiguous as to whether Beatrice Baudelaire II is Dewey's biological daughter or Count Olaf's.
  • The Quagmire Triplets and Mrs. Quagmire - Because Dewey informs Count Olaf that triplets run in his family, the Quagmires, as the other set of triplets in the books, could possibly be relatives. Mrs. Quagmire is the parent most likely related to the Denouements, due to biologic plausibility of multiple births with a genetic component. Because Count Olaf assumes credit for ending the Denouement family except for "those twins" it can be assumed that Count Olaf set the Quagmire fire. 
  • The White Faced Women - TV Series - According to the Incomplete History, the White Faced Women were actually identical conjoined triplets who were successfully separated. They lost both their parents and their sister in the fire that destroyed their home. Suspecting that it wasn't an accident, the two decide to leave Count Olaf's troupe. In the books, the women are not specified to be identical sisters, and the gender of their sibling lost in the fire is not said, so it is unknown if they are triplets in the book series muchless identical triplets.

Family Tree


Unnamed Parents †
Dewey Denouement
Ernest Denouement
Frank Denouement


Snicket Father
Snicket Mother
Unnamed Parents †
Jacques Snicket
Kit Snicket
Lemony SnicketDewey Denouement
Ernest Denouement
Frank Denouement
Beatrice Baudelaire II


  • A Denouement refers to the falling action of a story. It is French in origin and refers specifically to the untying of a knot.