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Dicey's Department Store is a shop in Stain'd-by-the-Sea.


Dicey's is a tall building that is described as looking like a neatly stacked pile of square windows, "catching the starlight and winking it back at the sky." In each window is a mannequin dressed in Diceys clothes, posed with an item the store has for sale,[1] which look sad, like they "want to go home."[2] At night, the front door is locked with a large padlock, "as big as a suitcase."

It has two elevators and a fancy staircase, with brass bannisters and red carpeting, though the bannisters have not been polished for a long time. It has 11 known floors:

  1. Perfume
  2. Shoes for Men
  3. Shoes for Women
  4. Shoes for Women
  5. Housewares, such as radios and mixing bowls
  6. Toys
  7. Formal Clothing
  8. Casual Clothing
  9. Children's Clothing
  10. Sportswear
  11. Uniforms


During his apprenticeship, Lemony Snicket is taken here to get new pants.[1]

Cleo Knight bought a coat for Ellington Feint there.

Hangfire and Stew Mitchum pretended to want to burn down Diceys in order to keep Snicket from finding out they were burning down the library. This plan failed, but Snicket sent his associates to watch the store to pretend that he believed the lie.[3]

S. Theodora Markson uses Sharon Haines's skeleton key to steal a disguise from the store.[1]