Overheard a gravelly voice, as in 'the Dissonant Toad, which could imitate human speech in a gravelly voice,' described in Chapter Three. I hid behind a tree in order to disguise myself as a cow, hiding behind a tree. The voice was muttering, apparently to itself, on how inconvenient it was to drown someone, because it got all wet and it hated that. Concluded it was not a toad because toads like to get wet.

The Dissonant Toad is a species of toad that was kept in Monty Montgomery's Reptile Room.


The Dissonant Toad is able to imitate human speech in a gravelly voice.

A specimen of the toad was kept in Monty Montgomery's Reptile Room, and was in shown to the Baudelaire children. With the rest of the collection, it was confiscated by the Herpetological Society following Montgomery's death.[1] The toad was searched for by an associate of Count Olaf, but they were distracted by someone with a similar gravelly voice talking about drowning someone.[2]




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