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I am very, very vexed,
Who knows who they'll eat next?
— Dolores, concluding her song, Zombies in the Snow, page 98[1]

Dolores is a character in films directed by Gustav Sebald.


Zombies in the Snow

Only a few select pages from the film have been found, specifically pages 98-102.

After finishing her song, Dolores declares that she is vexed and scared of who the zombies shall eat next. The Town Fathers decide to build a sturdy oak wall, ignoring Young Rölf and Gerta's protests.

The wall breaks, and zombies attack. An alarm bell sounds, and Dolores again begins to sing.

She seems to be a main singer of the village characters, as she is mentioned to have two songs, one of which is known to be referred to as "her" song.[1]

Hypnotists in the Forest

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Dolores and a man run into the forest, pursued by hypnosis victims. Dolores figures out what is happening before her companion, but unfortunately is quickly hypnotized. She then proceeds to cluck like a chicken and play the violin, though she previously had no experience.

She is portrayed by Jacquelyn Scieszka.[2]


Zombies in the Snow

They'll eat my feet,
They'll eat my head,
I'm just a meal
for the walking dead.
— page 102.[1]

Hypnotists in the Forest

Man: They won't stop coming, Dolores. They're like zombies, only different.
Dolores: I'm afraid they've been... hypnotized...
Hypnotists in the Forest[2]