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Are you sure, Ignatius dear? I don’t think Miss Knight would disappear without leaving a note.
— Doretta Knight, When Did You See Her Last?

Doretta Knight is the mother of Cleo Knight, the wife of Ignatius Knight, and one of the owners of Ink Inc.


Early Life

Doretta married Ignatius Knight, the inheritor of Ink Inc., the biggest business in Stain'd-by-the-Sea. They have a daughter, Cleo, who was a brilliant chemist. 

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Doretta and her husband would give Cleo whatever she wanted, including new clothes and chemistry sets, as well as a very expensive and impressive car, a Dilemma, when she receieved her drivers' liscence. However, she and her husband disapproved of her romantic interest in Jake Hix due to his lower class status, and caused such an uproar that Cleo and Jake kept their relationship secret. 

Cleo hoped to make a formula for Invisible Ink that could save the company, which was failing due to Ignatius's draining of the sea. While Doretta and her husband were supportive, eventually Dr. Flammarion began drugging them with laudanum in order to leave them in a state of delirium an convince them to leave town. 

When Did You See Her Last?

Doretta is still under the effects of laudanum when Cleo disappears. S. Theodora Markson and Lemony Snicket arrive to investigate, and Doretta barely understands what is going on. Flammarion shoos them away before injecting the couple with more laudanum. 

After Theodora and Snicket depart, Ignatius and his wife leave town with their servants, Zada and Zora. They later receive news that Cleo is safe. 


  • She is described, in her one appearance, as wearing all white and sitting in a black chair, the Knight family is said to only dress in black or white to honor the family business.[1]


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