Try as they might, they just couldn't believe it was a coincidence that the town in which they were to live had a building that looked just like the tattoo of Count Olaf.

Dr. Orwell's Optometrist Office, located near Lucky Smells Lumbermill in Paltryville, was owned by Dr. Georgina Orwell and operated as an optometrist office.


The building is designed to look like an eye. It was made in an oval shape, with curved, skinny sticks sticking out the top. Most of the building is painting in a brownish color, with a big circle of white inside and a smaller circle of green inside that. Small black steps lead up to a round, black door inside the green circle. It is described as looking remarkably similar to the V.F.D. Eye.[1][2]

The opening hallway is decorated with medical certificates, leading to the waiting room and the office. The waiting room has a sofa, a few chairs, a small table with old magazines stacked on it, and a receptionist desk.

It operates as an optometrist office, and seems to give free or inexpensive eye exams to Lucky Smells Lumbermill.[1] Following the death of Georgina Orwell, the office was deserted.[2]

Netflix Series Divergent Canon

In the Netflix adaptation, the building could not be shaped like an eye, but instead has the V.F.D. Eye on the large window.

Unlike the book, the hypnotism process is shown, and is delivered via a very fast eye exam.[3]


  • The building is designed to resemble an eye, which, in addition to referencing V.F.D., is a likely allusion to Big Brother, who is proverbially "watching" at all times.
  • The final illustration of The Wide Window shows a sign shaped like a pair of eyes looking through eyeglasses similar to the sign suspended above the door to Dr. Orwell's office. This sign is reminiscent of the billboard of Dr. T. J. Eckleburg in F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel The Great Gatsby.




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