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The button in the attic was tricky to find, so it would take a little while for Mack to lower the staircase and get down again. I hoped it was enough to give a head start to a preternaturally small boy with curly hair, normal eyebrows, and hazel eyes, fleeing toward safety and his mother.

Drumstick is a young boy who appears briefly in File Under: 13 Suspicious Incidents in the seventh incident, "Violent Butcher." 


Early Life

Drumstick lived in Stain'd-by-the-Sea with his abusive father, Mack, a butcher for Partial Foods. His mother, another butcher, lived in the city. 

Drumstick managed to earn money by repairing women's shoes, so that he could eventuallly take the train out of town and live with his mother.[1]

File Under: 13 Suspicious Incidents

Violent Butcher/Small Sound

Mack tells Drumstick to stay inside, and then gets upset at him for "getting in his way" and yells at him for an hour. Drumstick then informs his father that he's going to live with his mother. He takes his money and runs away, with Mack chasing him all the way to Black Cat Coffee. Drumstick hides inside while Mack waits outside for him, hearing a small crash as he did; Drumstick overturns the garbage can and hides inside of it.

When Lemony Snicket arrives, Mack threatens him into going to the coffeeshop with him to corner his son. Mack searches inside the piano and checks the locked backdoor. He calls for his son, saying that he'll beat him and then take him home for a dinner of bone marrow. Mack presses the A button to bring the staircase for the attic down, deciding that Drumstick must've overturned the trashcan and caused the crash to hide the noise of the staircase. As soon as Mack is in the attic, Snicket hears Drumstick's breathing, amplified by the trash can, and then presses the button again, trapping Mack in the attic, which gives Drumstick a head start to get to his Mother. 

Snicket says that Drumstick was dirty but grateful, and seriously considering becoming a vegetarian.

Physical Appearance

Drumstick is a preternaturally small boy with curly red hair, extremely normal eyebrows and hazel eyes.[1]