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Duke Ellington was an American composer, pianist, and leader of a jazz orchestra, which he led from 1923 until his death over a career spanning more than six decades.


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Allusions in the Snicket World

  • Presumably the namesake of Ellington Feint.
  • Black Cat Coffee, Corner of Caravan and Parfait - Black Cat Coffee could be a reference to the Duke Ellington song "Black Cat Blues", while Caravan may be a reference to "Caravan," and Parfait to "A Little Max (Parfait)."
  • The Far East Suite of The Lost Arms is named after his 1966 album, The Far East Suite.[1]
  • An Analysis of Brown, Black and Beige, a book in the Stain'd Library, is a reference towards the 1943 Duke Ellington album, Black, Brown and Beige. The reference is basically confirmed when Ellington says it would be the first book she would have checked out, and Lemony Snicket notices that it is filed under the music section.[1]
  • While the song that plays on Ellington's record in All the Wrong Questions is never confirmed, it could likely be Duke Ellington and Louis Armstrong's song "Solitude". Louis Armstrong is presumably the namesake for her father, Armstrong Feint, and in the fourth book, when Lemony is whistling the tune of Ellington's song, he says:
She had not told me the name of the tune. It was a mystery, like what the S stood for in Theodora's name. I kept walking, with nothing but Solitude for company. 'Solitude' is a fancy name for being all by yourself. It's not a bad name, I thought.
As the name of the song is dropped here, it could imply that the song was Ellington's tune, or possibly what the S stands for in S. Theodora Markson's name.