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Dylan Kingwell is a Canadian actor who portrays both Duncan and Quigley Quagmire in the Netflix adaptation of A Series of Unfortunate Events.


Dylan was born in Vancouver, BC, and he very much enjoys the west coast lifestyle of being outdoors and participating in sports. He especially loves playing hockey. He has stated before that his teammates call him "Hollywood" because of his acting career.[1] He is extremely dedicated to his academics, loves reading and is curious about anything to do with science. Dylan has always been a personable and outgoing child, so acting was the perfect platform for him to explore. Being an actor has now become his passion. Dylan enjoys all aspects of the business and continues to build experience through the projects he works on. He has gained a great deal of experience as a young actor working on a wide variety of projects.

Dylan absolutely loves being on set and meeting new people.[2]



Year Title Role Notes
2011 To the Mat Jordy Junior
2014 Big Eyes Boy at Art Show
2014 Soldiers of Earth Young Coyle Short
2015 Ice Sculpture Christmas Young David
2015 The Christmas Note Ethan
2015 Wish Upon a Christmas Danny
2016 The Wilding Peyton Reddings
2017 Manny Dearest Max Clark
2017 Campfire Kiss Arthur Henderson
2017 Escape from Mr. Lemoncello's Library Sean Keegan


Year Title Role Notes
2015 The Returned Victor / Henry Garrity / Zach Main role
2015 Supernatural Young Sam Winchester One Episode
2017-2019 A Series of Unfortunate Events Duncan Quagmire / Quigley Quagmire Guest (Season 1), Main role (Seasons 2-3)
2017-2020 The Good Doctor Steve Murphy / Evan Gallico Recurring role
2020 The 100 Luca Recurring role
2021 Superman and Lois Teenage Clark Recurring role
2020-2021 The Baby-Sitters Club Sam Thomas Recurring role
2022 Ruby and the Well Sam Price Main role


Dylan Kingwell

Behind the Scenes


  • Dylan originally auditioned for the role of Klaus Baudelaire, however the part was given to Louis Hynes. He made it pretty far in the casting for Klaus, but was ultimately called back to read for Duncan Quagmire. He ended up booking the part of Duncan, and later, Quigley Quagmire as well.
    • Furthermore, Dylan had not been aware previously that he would be portraying both Duncan and Quigley. He had just auditioned for Duncan.[3]
  • Prior to shooting the climbing scene in "The Slippery Slope: Part Two", the director had told him and Malina Weissman (who plays Violet Baudelaire), that the two would have to kiss. Being actors, the two were used to requests such as this, and didn't think much of it. However, right before they were about to shoot the scene, the director told them he was "just kidding", and so the kiss was never shot.[4]
  • Dylan was originally a guest star on ASOUE, but after having a main role in Season 2 and 3, he became a main actor.
  • Dylan and Avi Lake are the same age, however, she is a few months older.
    • Additionally, they were both born in 2004, which is coincidentally the year the film was released.
  • Acting comes naturally for Dylan, as he's had very little training in the field. He has stated that he has taken a few classes before, and will occasionally be coached for a specific audition or callback. However, most of the time, acting comes naturally. [5]
  • According to Dylan, he's been acting since he was four.[6]
  • Dylan has portrayed three different characters by the name of Sam.
    • He portrayed a young Sam Winchester in Supernatural, Sam Thomas in The Baby-Sitters Club, and Sam Price in Ruby and the Well.
  • Dylan has two sisters; Kayla (older) and Adysson (younger).
  • Like Duncan, Dylan's name has two syllables and starts with a "d" and ends with an "n".