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We take care of our own. We Snickets take care of our own.

E. Snicket is the wife of Jacob Snicket, the mother of Jacques, Kit and Lemony Snicket and the grandmother of Beatrice Baudelaire II.



E.'s initial is presumed from The Unauthorized Autobiography, as on the Snicket family tree, the initials of the Snicket children are connected to an E; as her husband, Jacob's, name starts with a J, as revealed in this same book, E. is probably her. As E's father is listed as Chas. Snicket, this would mean that her children are Snickets through her, and her husband took her surname when they married. 

This makes her the daughter of Chas. Snicket, the sister of D. and F. Snicket, and the aunt of G, H, I, M, N and O, as well as the niece of A and B


E. was the sibling of D and F. Snicket- presumably the middle, as her initial is both alphabetically and chronologically in the middle of her siblings.[2] It is said that she "spent some of her early days in a tree."[3] At some point, she held the job of investigator, presumably for VFD.

E. was married to Jacob Snicket, and she had three children; Jacques and Kit, presumably twins, were born first. She and her husband went to Valorous Farms Dairy to purchase garlic butter at the wrong time, resulting in her youngest, Lemony Snicket, being born at the farm, and her and her husband befriending the cheesemakers. 

The Snickets were a wealthy family, and they lived in a mansion near the cheesemakers' farm, though Lemony notes that his parents would have "never indulged" in unnecessary and expensive items. 

E. went on an investigation to "the mill" while Lemony was still a baby, possibly in diapers. She came home to find that her children had been taken by VFD, seeing her worried husband and two half-full cups of tea. Lemony claims that she "always wished that she had delayed [the] investigation one more day" so she could have said goodbye.[2]

Lemony remembers his parents taking them on a hike when he was a child, and when a branch fell down, E. leapt forwards and knocked the branch away from her children, who were in its path. She told them that Snickets took care of their own.

Lemony also noted that he'd never seen E. or Kit do their hair, and considered it a private thing.[4]

It is probable that E. and Jacob rarely, if ever, saw their children following their recruitment, as Gifford and Ghede thought that they could pretend to be Lemony's parents in order to capture him.[5]


Olivia Caliban mentions that before seeking to steal the Baudelaire and Quagmire fortunes, Count Olaf sought to steal the Snicket fortune;[6] and in The Hostile Hospital, a reference is made to the "Snicket fires". Since both the Baudelaire and Quagmire parents were killed by fires in their respective mansions, E. and her husband may have died in a parallel fire to Snicket mansion.

She likely perished before The Hero of the Story, in which Snicket states he has no parents. In any case, she died before The End, as Kit mentions her parents as people she has lost and cannot go on without.


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