The baby is the emperor of Cramiton. It's a tiny region some kilometers away. He won't be crowned until he turns thirteen, but in the meantime he's being cared for in a wonderful palace. A few days ago he went missing. His photograph was in all the newspapers, with an enormous reward for his safe return.

The Emperor of Cramiton is an infant who appears briefly in The Hero of the Story.


The Hero of the Story

The Emperor is presumably orphaned, as he is slated to ascend to the throne of Cramiton when he turns thirteen. In the meantime, he is raised in a palace.

As an infant, he was kidnapped by an unknown woman, who dressed another baby up as him and gave the other child to a young Lemony Snicket to throw the police off her trail. However, a few days after this, the woman was found and arrested and the emperor was returned home.



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