I suggest we continue to argue!
— Erewhon to Ishmael

Erewhon is one of the islanders the Baudelaires meet in The End. She is an old woman who helps orchestrate the mutiny against Ishmael.[1] She is one of the more prominent islanders, given her name is mentioned 38 times in the book.

She found a pair of skiis, but Ishmael dismissed it as impractical. She reveals that she washed up on The Island after living on another island even farther away.

She taught Miranda Caliban the backstroke, despite Ishmael saying it is not the customary way to swim.


Erewhon's name seems to come from the book Erewhon by Samuel Butler, published in 1872. This may be because that book depicts a society similar to the type of society she wants the island to become, the island's current society, or the society she came from. "Erewhon" is also an anagram of "Nowhere".



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